Pro Formula maintenance product for professionals

Pro Formula professional product by Diversey

Pro Formula the responsible response for professionals

Pro Formula offers you a full range of cleaning products formulated especially for professionals, combined with trusted Unilever Group brands such as Cif, Omo, Skip, Sun, Cajoline and Domestos.
Specifically designed to meet your needs and bring you the best results from the first use.
Peace of mind, you just have to focus on your core business.
Pro Formula is Diversey's expertise in professional cleaning and disinfection products specially developed for professionals with trusted brands from the Unilever group such as Cif, Skip, Omo, Sun, Cajoline.
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Cif ammoniacal cream to recur 2 kg

6,90 € HT
Ref: 6561327

Professional formula cif scouring cream. Professional Cif cleans and shines without scratching. Easy to r…

Pro Formula 96 In stock

Cif professional gel with bleach 2L

7,30 € HT
Ref: 101107559

Cif Gel with Bleach is composed of cleaning agents and bleach for a deep cleaning action. Cif bleach gel …

Pro Formula 83 In stock

Powerful Vigor 5L

16,70 € HT
Ref: 101106630

Vigor Surpuissant is a concentrated universal degreasing detergent that removes the most stubborn dirt an…

Pro Formula 81 In stock

Cif professional powerful degreaser 750ml

5,60 € HT
Ref: 7517913

Cif powerful degreaser detergent is a ready-to-use liquid degreaser to quickly remove grease and dirt. Ci…

Pro Formula 68 In stock

Cif professional cleanser 2in1 750ml

4,95 € HT
Ref: 7522864

Cif professional 2 in 1 sanitary cleaner removes limescale deposits, dirt and soap residue. Cif 2in1 ther…

Pro Formula 60 In stock

Skip professional color sensitive eco 4,32L

39,75 € HT
Ref: 101105263

Skip Color Sensitive Eco contains a professional formula specifically developed for the Pro Formula range…

Pro Formula 56 In stock

Skip capsule 3 in 1 active clean

16,70 € HT
Ref: 101105464

Skip Professional 3in1 Active Clean capsules are ideal for ensuring impeccable laundry hygiene. They offe…

Pro Formula 55 In stock

Cif Professional windows and multisurfaces 750ml

4,40 € HT
Ref: 7517903

Cif Glass and Multi-surface Cleaner quickly removes dirt and grease. Cif cleaner makes windows and modern…

Pro Formula 55 In stock

Skip tablets professional 168 tablets

37,70 € HT
Ref: 101106092

Skip tablets is a professional formula that can be used for all types of machines, hard and soft water, a…

Pro Formula 47 In stock

Domestos professional freezing drains pipe 1L

5,20 € HT
Ref: 101106341

Domestos Drain Unblocker Gel has been specially developed to solve stubborn blockages or clogs that may b…

Pro Formula 45 In stock

Cif Oxigel ocean Fresh 5 L

14,65 € HT
Ref: 7517870

Cif Oxy Gel Multi-purpose fragrance Ocean with active oxygen is a scented multi-purpose product that is u…

Pro Formula 43 In stock

Skip active professional clean 5L

23,00 € HT
Ref: 101105086

Skip professional active clean is a liquid washing detergent for washing all textiles and all types of ma…

Pro Formula 36 In stock

Omo Professional laundry 213 doses

67,80 € HT
Ref: 7516645

OMO Professional Diversey is a complete washing powder: all textiles, all temperatures, effective in hard…

Pro Formula 33 In stock

Cif Professional windows and multisurfaces 5L

14,60 € HT
Ref: 7517832

Cif Glass and Multi-surface Cleaner quickly removes dirt and grease. Cif cleaner makes windows and modern…

Pro Formula 31 In stock

Cif disinfectant wipe EN14476 biodegradable bag of 100

4,65 € HT
Ref: 101106274

Cif Professional Cleaning and Disinfecting Wipes kills 99.9% of bacteria and enveloped viruses. Cif Pro F…

Pro Formula 30 In stock

Skip professional super active clean 10kg

56,85 € HT
Ref: 101108217

Skip Professional Super Active Clean is a complete, phosphate-free powder for washing clothes. Skip Super…

Pro Formula 28 In stock

Cif lemon scouring cream 2 kg

9,40 € HT
Ref: 6561328

The Cif professional scouring cream is an ideal cream for cleaning all surfaces. The cif scouring cream h…

Pro Formula 27 In stock

Cif professional disinfectant without rinsing 750ml

7,30 € HT
Ref: 101104783

Cif no-rinse disinfectant for surfaces contains 80% denatured ethanol and can be used to regularly disinf…

Pro Formula 27 In stock

Skip active clean liquid bag 7.5L

36,05 € HT
Ref: 7514847

Skip professional active clean is a liquid washing detergent for washing all textiles and all types of ma…

Pro Formula 25 In stock

Vigor deodorant fresh force 5L

27,25 € HT
Ref: 100874682

Vigor Fresh Force is a scented detergent for all water resistant surfaces. It brings to Vigor's reference…

Pro Formula 22 In stock
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