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Pro Formula product maintenance for professional

Pro Formula Professional Product by Diversey

Pro Formula Responsible Response for Professionals

Pro Formula offers a complete line of cleaning products specifically formulated for professionals, combined with trusted Unilever brands such as Cif, Omo, Skip and Sun.
Specifically designed to meet your needs and bring you the best results from the first use.
With peace of mind, you just have to focus on your core business.
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The Tips Pro Formula by Diversey

Eliminate wine stains:
As a first step, make sure the stains do not attach to the fabric by immediately applying salt or carbonated water.
Then rinse the fabric with lukewarm water and let it soak in a solution of hot water and detergent overnight. Finally, wash your laundry immediately with Skip Professional Advance Laundry at the highest temperature the fabric can afford. This will allow the wine stains to oxidize.

Eliminate blood and protein stains
Soak immediately in cold, salty water. Do not use hot water as it will fix the stain. For very articles
colored, continually change the water until it is clear, then wash with detergent laundry, such as Professional Skip
Advance. If the stain is old or persistent, soak in cold salted water for several hours, then wash as
For very persistent stains, soak in a warm solution of Skip Professional Advance. Gently rub the outline of the stain with the soaking solution before allowing to soak.

Eliminate coffee and tea stains
As soon as possible, soak or wash the fabric with detergent detergent such as Skip Professional Advance. Wash preferably at 60 degrees.
The combination of whitening agents and heat will remove stains.

Eliminate greasy stains
First, read carefully the care label of the fabric. Large spots may need to be dry cleaned, or treated with a solvent for grease stains. Recent small spots can be treated by rubbing the fabric with talc, leave on for 30 minutes, then brush and wash as usual with detergent detergent such as Skip Professional Advance.
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