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In 1939, AB WILLIAMSON created in Belper (England) DEB SILKWEAR PROTECTION , company specialized in the manufacture of a product ensuring a longer lifespan of silk stockings thanks to the obtaining of more elastic fibers. 20 years earlier, ARMANDON establishments were born in Marseille with a product that would ensure their notoriety for several decades: the famous ARMA paste. Meanwhile, in the UK, DEB CHEMICAL LTD formulates SWARFEGA, a green gel for mechanics, known worldwide. 1973 marks the arrival of DEB in France. Its development is constantly growing, the company is developing new soap formulas and is soon introducing patented cartridge systems on the market. The merger of the two companies became a reality in 1997.
Arma is an indisputable know-how in workshop soap for industry , whether on cartridge soap or on bulk industry soap systems.
Arma paste is one of the essential references that made the success of the brand. / Endheader /
DEB ARMA is today one of the key players in the world of hand hygiene with professionals from Industry, Communities, Agrifood, Automotive and Health.
The DEB ARMA philosophy is based on the innovation of its products, the technical and commercial support of its Marketing / Sales team and a service adapted to the needs of its partners. A team of commercial advisers and key account managers covering the entire territory and relayed by the Sales Force of regional distributors offer our user customers a local service and regular training in products and their applications.
The development of cleanliness audits (BEP) and the presence of screen-printed washing protocols on our devices are guarantees of the quality of service that DEB brings to Industries and Agri-Food.
The BEP (Balance Sheet-Study-Recommendation) is an industrial diagnostic tool which aims to identify the types of soiling and analyze the equipment, products and protocols in place on the site. The results of this study give rise to product and system recommendations that precisely meet the needs identified. A free trial is planned to guarantee the good perception of the product by the user and its adequacy in relation to the type and level of dirt encountered. Staff training is associated with the provision of educational tools (booklets, Skin Hygiene Panel, posters, Glogerm case), guarantee of the proper use of products and systems.
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Arma soap paste jar 750 grs

4,52 € HT
Ref: PAT750

Arma pate is a solvent-free paste soap for hand washing. Effective against strong and adhering dirt (grea…

Arma 50 In stock

Arma microsphere beads soap workshop without solvent 4x4 L

160,44 € HT 139,00 € HT
Ref: PER404

Arma perle is a hand wash cream, solvent-free, with plastic microbeads, lime scent. Effective against hea…

Arma 27 In stock

Arma orange soap workshop microbeads without solvent pump bottle 450 ml

13,35 € HT
Ref: AOG450ML

Arma orange is a microbead workshop soap gel without solvents. Soap with a pleasant orange scent for the …

Arma 21 In stock

Arma orange soap workshop microbeads solvent container 4 L

45,62 € HT
Ref: AOG4L

Arma orange is a microbead workshop soap gel without solvents. Pleasant orange scent for hands and very e…

Arma 7 In stock

Arma soap beads workshop microbead solvent free 5L

34,49 € HT
Ref: PER405

Arma perle is a workshop soap with solvent-free microbeads. Workshop hand washing cream, solvent-free, wi…

Arma 6 In stock

Soap dispenser Arma workshop cartridge 4 liters

63,23 € HT 38,90 € HT
Ref: DFA400

Deb Arma soap dispenser for 4 liter cartridge. 4L devices for sealed product cartridges, meeting the diff…

Arma 5 In stock

Arma soap paste bucket 15kg

46,80 € HT
Ref: PAT015

Arma pate is a solvent-free paste soap for hand washing. Effective against strong, adhering dirt (grease,…

Arma 3 In stock

Arma cream 4X5 L

117,44 € HT
Ref: CRE405

Arma creme is a hand-washing workshop lotion, floral fragrance, without solvent or microbeads. Suitable f…


Arma natural soap natural Workshop 4 liters

190,08 € HT
Ref: BIO4L

Arma natural is a cleansing cream for the hands on natural base effective against the strong and adherent…

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