Enmotion lotus coil

Lotus coil enmotion and distributor

Lotus Enmotion is the first non-contact paper hand towel dispensing system.

Envelope impulse compact and classic of Lotus

The Lotus Enmotion dispenser is available in two sizes. The standard Enmotion dispenser which exists in white or blue color but also with a stainless steel version. A more compact version of Enmotion distributor exists. It is the distributor Enmotion impulse. A simple passage of the hand in front of the dispenser cell triggers the dispensing of a paper towel. The length of the dispensed hand towel is adjustable according to the job of the user. The setting allows dispensing hand towels of 20 cm, 30 cm or 40 cm.
Demonstration videos for the installation of the standard Enmotion dispenser and the compact Enmotion impulse are visible at the beginning and the bottom of this page.

Lotus Enmotion reel attention to confusion

Lotus Enmotion coils are therefore in two references that are not compatible with each other. So be careful when ordering to choose the correct Enmotion coil reference corresponding to the good distributor reference.
Thus the most diffused reference Tork 471110 (Ex reference 90225 Lotus) fits on the devices 90000 and 90001 while the reference 471113 fits on the 291000 and 402996 dispensers.
A new reference in a fold to reduce costs is now available K90127.
There are also compatible consumables such as the reference 90226 which fits in the 90000 and 90001 dispensers.

Video demonstration of the system Lotus Enmotion stantard

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Enmotion Impulse demonstration video

The Impulse distibutor is the compact model of the Enmotion range.
Please note that the Impulse Compact Dispenser only accepts the compatible 403171 Coil Reference but is not compatible with the coils for the standard Enmotion Large Size Dispenser.

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Hand towel roll white 2 ply 140 m type compatible ENMOTION

62,80 € HT
Ref: 90226

Hand towel white paper 2 layers in white coil. This towel roll is in pure cellulose wadding and benefits …

Neutre 59 In stock

Lotus enMotion roll hand towel 143 m package of 6 rolls

128,10 € HT
Ref: 471113

Lotus Enmotion hand towel for Enmotion stainless steel dispenser only Enmotion dispensers model 402996 an…

Tork 40 In stock

Lotus enMotion roll hand towel 143 m package of 6 rolls

134,00 € HT
Ref: 471110

The Lotus Enmotion system is unique. The Lotus enmotion paper towel is comfortable, soft, with the Hydra…

Lotus Professional 9 In stock

Wall background INOX Lotus enMotion dispenser

58,60 € HT 19,60 € HT
Ref: 402997

Background wall stainless Lotus enMotion dispenser. This base allows for wall mounting enMotion dispenser…

Lotus Professional 5 In stock

EnMotion towel dispenser hands Lotus Bleu

163,80 € HT
Ref: 90000

Lotus Enmotion electronic towel dispenser with battery. 4 LR20 batteries supplied with the device. Enmoti…


Hand towel dispenser Lotus enMotion Impulse blue compact

131,00 € HT
Ref: 291000

Lotus Enmotion Impulse Lotus electronic towel dispenser with battery. The Impluse Enmotion model is the c…


Lotus enMotion roll hand towel 190 m package 6

89,90 € HT
Ref: 471116

Lotus Enmotion hand towel roll for 90000 and 90001 dispenser. Length 143 m in white embossed thickness. L…


Serie 3000 Lotus white hand towel package of 6 rolls

87,90 € HT
Ref: 5893000

The Lotus 3000 Series hand towel reel is a rolled hand towel. The Lotus 3000 series spool is made of 2-th…

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