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Mapa glove manufacturer since 1948

In 1948, Robert Ma rret and Jean Pa turel joined forces to produce latex gloves.
Juxtaposing the beginnings of their patrobymes, they give their Society the name of Mapa .
In 1963, a merger with the Baltex Company marks the development of protective gloves for industrialists and professionals. In 1989, Mapa Professional was created.

Total and Hutchinson, strong allies

In 1972, Mapa joined the Hutchinson group, which is today the world leader in rubber parts for the automotive and industrial sectors.
This in turn integrates the chemical sector of the international group Total, of which Mapa is one of the flagships.
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Mapa glove pink household

0,81 € HT
Ref: 888101

Glove Mapa of cleaning natural latex pink. Thickness 0.4 mm. Sizes 6 61/2; 7 71/2; 8 81/2; 9 91/2. Sold i…

Mapa 3480 In stock

All black neoprene glove work Mapa Techni Mix 415

2,44 € HT
Ref: 41511

Glove coughing work Mapa Techni Mix 415 latex mixed black neoprene. Glove with cotton flocked interior. T…

Mapa 879 In stock

Mapa glove household hypoallergenic Optimo 454

3,00 € HT
Ref: 45412

Synthetic latex glove Mapa Optimo 454 developed exclusively. Exceptional flexibility and finesse of touch…

Mapa 833 In stock

Mapa glove food superfood 175

1,73 € HT
Ref: 17512

Smooth natural latex glove with smooth chlorinated interior. Standard adhesion. An answer adapted to the…

Mapa 623 In stock

Blue latex glove doubled Mapa Jersette

5,47 € HT
Ref: 30031

Natural latex glove blue Mapa Jersette. Interior flocked fabric. The top for long jobs in harsh environme…

Mapa 420 In stock

Gant anti Temp ice cold 700 Mapa

6,10 € HT
Ref: 70041

The Mapa temp ice 700 glove is the ideal protection for outdoor work up to -10 ° C. Many people work in c…

Mapa 317 In stock

Green handling glove Mapa harpoon 330

5,90 € HT
Ref: 33033

Handling protection glove Mapa Harpon 330 natural latex. Natural latex glove with knitted cuff. The inter…

Mapa 269 In stock

Mapa ultraneo 450 chemical protection glove

9,70 € HT
Ref: 45031

Mapa UltraNeo 450 chemical protection glove Neoprene and natural latex. Glove with straight cuff cuff. Th…

Mapa 202 In stock

Jersetlite Mapa latex glove 307 pair

5,15 € HT
Ref: 30731

Gloves Mapa jersetlite 307 fine textile supported in natural latex. Suitable for contact with foodstuffs.…

Mapa 173 In stock

Mapa krytech 557 cut protection glove

12,41 € HT
Ref: 55759

Mapa KryTech 557 cut protection glove. Polyurethane glove with knitted cuff. The interior finish of the g…

Mapa 153 In stock

Mapa tempdex 710 thermal protection glove

7,10 € HT
Ref: 71055

Mapa TempDex 710 thermal protection glove. Nitrile sand glove with knit cuff. The interior finish of the …

Mapa 88 In stock

Nitrile dipped glove Mapa 46 cm

8,55 € HT
Ref: 48013

Glove dives Mapa ultranitrile length 46 cm. Optimized service life: excellent mechanical resistance (abra…

Mapa 55 In stock

Cut resistant glove kitchen Mapa Krotech 838 blue

12,24 € HT
Ref: 83801

Cut resistant food kitchen glove Mapa Krotech 838. Enhanced protection against cuts to the industry alime…

Mapa 38 In stock

Mapa glove temperature heat cook 476 anti

71,95 € HT
Ref: 47631

Glove Mapa temp cook oven anti heat. Long cuff glove (45 cm) for forearm protection when handling hot foo…

Mapa 34 In stock

Mapa glove Sea Temp 770 cold

9,80 € HT
Ref: 77031

The Mapa Temp Sea 770 intense cold working glove is a specifically dedicated glove dedicated for use in i…

Mapa 26 In stock

Mapa krytech 532 cut protection glove

21,85 € HT
Ref: 53206

Mapa KryTech 532 cut protection glove. The Mapa protection glove offers great comfort and increased safet…

Mapa not Available
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