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JVD manufacturer of hand dryers and hygiene equipment

JVD - Manufacturer of hand dryers for hotels and communities

JVD the French reference for hand dryers

JVD is a French manufacturer of hygiene products for communities and hotel accessories. Voussert is one of JVD's major partners in its distribution and service strategy. JVD provides a quality of service and more particularly at the level of after-sales service which allows our customers to buy JVD products with complete peace of mind.

The JVD range includes several product lines

Electric hand dryer

The range consists of jet air hand dryers such as the Hurricane, the Expair , the Airwave and the Sweeper. It is supplemented by a series of devices such as the Master, the Rafale, the Tornado or the Zéphyr which are benchmarks on the market.
- Forced air hand dryers such as the Sweeper which, with an air speed of 300 to 350 km/h, gives this product a drying speed of between 10 to 15 seconds. JVD has taken particular care in the design of this Sweeper pulsed air hand dryer so that it fits perfectly into your premises. The JVD Hurricane hand dryer remains in a more classic design but offers performance from 270 to 360 km/h with a drying time of 15 seconds.
- The JVD hand dryer with 360°c swivel nozzle which is the JVD Hurricane remains a great classic. Appliance in vandal-proof steel, power of 2500 Watts, the JVD Ouragan exists in 3 configurations: white manual pusher, white automatic and an automatic shiny chrome version.
- JVD hand dryers are available in several versions to meet all your constraints, whether in terms of size, silence, efficiency or budget. Thus the JVD Master hand dryer whose cover is made of cast aluminum remains a benchmark for manufacturing quality on the market. The Tornado whose engine life no longer has to prove itself with its composite anti-vandalism cover. The JVD Rafale whose small size and silent engine remains a reference. The JVD Zéphyr whose price reduced to the performance of the device will appeal to communities or industries looking for a reliable, functional device with a controlled budget. The Austral which remains a very good value for money. The Dragon which has a dust filter and whose hair dryer function allows it to be present in many communities.

New features with the Copt Air and Sup'Air range which now offer drying speed performance close to vertical models but with a reduced footprint for less frequented establishments.

Hotel hair dryer

JVD is also one of the leading manufacturers of hotel hair dryers.
You will have access to this range on this hair dryer link.

Hotel magnifying mirror

JVD offers a wide range of magnifying mirrors, illuminated or not, of professional quality in order to meet the demand of establishments wishing to offer this service to their customers.

From electric hand dryers to soap dispensers, magnifying mirrors and hair dryers, the JVD range will always provide you with an answer to your equipment requests for your premises. Buying a JVD product through Voussert is the assurance of follow-up beyond your purchase. Sensitive to the environment JVD has integrated an ECO Conception approach into the study of its new products.
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Automatic JVD sapphire dispenser

56,73 € HT 24,90 € HT
Ref: 844397

Automatic Saphir soap dispenser and JVD infrared contactless hydroalcoholic gel. sapphire model. is conta…

JVD 656 In stock

JVD cleanline black soap and gel dispenser

30,58 € HT 17,95 € HT
Ref: 8441379

JVD cleanline gel soap dispenser specially developed for communities and to limit consumption. Model idea…

JVD 429 In stock

JVD Cleanline gray soap and gel dispenser

27,99 € HT 16,95 € HT
Ref: 844731

Liquid soap and hydroalcoholic gel dispenser JVD Cleanline line specially developed for communities and t…

JVD 331 In stock

Hand disinfection station JVD Saphir

298,00 € HT 129,00 € HT
Ref: 844397TO

The JVD hand disinfection station is the solution for welcoming the public, your customers and employees …

JVD 276 In stock

Hand disinfection station JVD Yaliss

318,00 € HT 169,00 € HT
Ref: 8441448TO

The JVD hand disinfection station is the solution for welcoming the public, your customers and employees …

JVD 114 In stock

Automatic soap dispenser gel yaliss JVD

71,96 € HT 39,95 € HT
Ref: 8441448

Automatic gel soap dispenser 1L Yaliss JVD. The soap dispenser is hygienic because the soap is delivered …

JVD 114 In stock

Brushed stainless steel jumbo toilet paper dispenser

71,62 € HT 39,70 € HT
Ref: 899623

Maxi jumbo toilet paper dispenser brushed stainless steel special for large communities. Vandal resistant…

JVD 103 In stock

JVD foam child soap dispenser

31,69 € HT 23,05 € HT
Ref: 844478KIDS

JVD Kids loose foam soap dispenser has a playful design to facilitate the use of barrier gestures for chi…

JVD 103 In stock

JVD cleanline gray foam soap dispenser

29,28 € HT 17,95 € HT
Ref: 844732

JVD metal gray Cleanline loose foam soap dispenser. Specially designed for foam soap. Minimizes consumpt…

JVD 100 In stock

Distributor coil center feed JVD white

30,73 € HT 14,95 € HT
Ref: 899605

The JVD white central unwinding reel dispenser is a resistant ABS dispenser with lock. Accepts 450 ft cen…

JVD 93 In stock

Hand towel dispenser ABS JVD

24,65 € HT 13,90 € HT
Ref: 899604

JVD ABS hand towel dispenser. Very suitable for wet areas such as swimming pools, spas, etc. White ABS c…

JVD 90 In stock

Toilet paper roll dispenser white metal

13,78 € HT 7,90 € HT
Ref: 899619

Toilet roll holder simple. Steel hood and chassis Easy to recharge and maintain. 2 mounting points (mo…

JVD 87 In stock

Toilet paper dispenser dish and roll JVD

23,82 € HT 14,15 € HT
Ref: 899607

Toilet paper dispenser and JVD roll in ABS. White ABS hood and gray ABS chassis. Secure closure with ke…

JVD 81 In stock

Zephyr JVD automatic hand dryer

107,00 € HT
Ref: 8111401

The Zephyr JVD white electric hand dryer is part of the new generation of JVD line Zéphyr devices now ava…

JVD 81 In stock

Distributor box stainless steel disposable glove handkerchief

39,15 € HT 19,90 € HT
Ref: 899624

All stainless dispenser box for disposable gloves box type vinyl latex, nitrile. Fully in line with the i…

JVD 79 In stock

Toilet paper dispenser jumbo ABS JVD

21,39 € HT 13,40 € HT
Ref: 899603

The JVD ABS Jumbo Toilet Paper Dispenser has a white ABS hood and gray ABS chassis. It is convenient for…

JVD 73 In stock

Dispenser of hand towels ABS JVD black

35,57 € HT 25,80 € HT
Ref: 8991382

ABS hand towel dispenser JVD. Very suitable for wet areas such as swimming pools, spas, etc. Black ABS h…

JVD 72 In stock

Foam soap dispenser bulk Cleanline white JVD

25,54 € HT 18,50 € HT
Ref: 844478

White JVD Cleanline bulk foam soap dispenser. The use of foam soap allows a significant reduction in cons…

JVD 69 In stock

Toilet paper roll dispenser stainless steel satin JVD

14,13 € HT 7,90 € HT
Ref: 8996200

Toilet roll holder simple. Steel hood and chassis Easy to recharge and maintain. 2 mounting points (mo…

JVD 66 In stock

Distributor coil unwinding mini central White JVD

28,30 € HT 14,10 € HT
Ref: 899606

JVD White Central Unwind Coil Dispenser. White ABS cover and gray ABS chassis. Secure closure with key. …

JVD 60 In stock
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