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Insect killer

Insect killer how to choose?

The insect killer can be of several types.

Grid insect killer

We must distinguish the insect destroyer with tube and electrified grid which works on the principle of a light whose wavelength attracts insects. They are then electrocuted on the grids . The insects are then collected in the destroyer.
The same principle of insect killer exists but with surfaces on which glue patches are adapted.
Plates have two functions: allow to widen the capture on insects which would not have been electrocuted and avoid the projection of waste (which is an important condition in food industry).
In the food industry and industry, catering, catering, it is currently highly recommended by the veterinary services to use a glue-plate destroyer as part of the HACCP recommendations.
Whether for a grid destroyer or a glue insect destroyer, they are equipped with one or more tubes characterized by their power (20 watts, 40, 60 ..)
This gives the power of the device and therefore its range of action. The tubes are of course interchangeable.

Insect destroyer tubes

Tubes are of two kinds: conventional tubes and so-called "anti-shine" tubes. The peculiarity of the anti-burst tubes is to be sheathed and therefore to avoid glass splashes in the event of the tube bursting. This characteristic makes them compulsory in the food industry.

Energy saving LED insect killer
The drop in electricity consumption on a shredder is also an evolution track for manufacturers. BRC has developed destructors with energy saving lamp as detailed below, but a new type of destroyer appeared in 2019. These are the destructors operating with LED lamps which as everyone knows the consumption is very low.
Two manufacturers offer a device of this type: PELSIS (Ex P + L) and JVD.

BRC energy saving lamp destroyer opus insect destroyer

There is a generation of BRC OPUS insect killer equipped with energy saving lamp which has the advantage of a much longer lamp life of 15000 hrs (against 300 for conventional neon lights) .

Mosquito Magnet Destroyer

Beyond an insect destroyer there is the Mosquito Magnet system developed by Favex which is intended for outdoor protection for areas up to 4,000 m2.
Mosquito magnet à prix direct usine

The system acts like a decoy and the process takes place in 3 phases, the device attracting mosquitoes in the first stage, then sucking them up and trapping them, the 3rd stage being the death by asphyxiation of said mosquitoes. Explanation! You should know that the mosquito is attracted by the smell of the skin and the presence of carbon dioxide produced by human respiration. The diffusion of a mixture associating propane gas, transformed by the device into carbon dioxide (CO²), and an adjuvant, Octenol (substance produced by plants and certain animals), as well as Lurex 3 specially dedicated to Mosquitoes Tigers, allows to reproduce the characteristics of this human respiration and in doing so to "trap" the insects, which are sucked via an attractor tube in a net, where they then dehydrate in 24 hours.

Do not hesitate to contact us on 0810 643 176 and we will advise on your fight against mosquitoes outdoors.
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Kileo Insect Killer 20 Watts

132,66 € HT 73,10 € HT
Ref: 51536

the Rossignol kileo insect destroyer 20 Watts is an excellent value for money. This shredder has a remova…

Rossignol 48 In stock

Kileo Insect Killer 11 W

73,90 € HT 46,80 € HT
Ref: 51440

The insect destroyer Rossignol kileo 11 Watts is an excellent value for money. This shredder has a remova…

Rossignol 25 In stock

Destructive insect glue design Aura 22 Watts

108,00 € HT
Ref: ZL051

An elegant and contemporary design insects destroyer, P + L Systems Aura Decorative Disinsectator is an u…

Pelsis 17 In stock

Suction Insect Killer

153,00 € HT 99,00 € HT
Ref: 8551360

The suction insect destroyer is totally hygienic because there is no electrocution of insects (and theref…

Seko 16 In stock

Destructive insect glue board Halo 30W IP20 80 m2

168,00 € HT
Ref: HL30

Halo 30 W glue board insect killer. Thanks to its formidable efficiency, modern design and discreet aesth…

Pelsis 12 In stock

Insect Destroyer Sticky Plate Design Satalite 30 W

171,00 € HT
Ref: ZL022

Design Satalite glueboard insect killer 30 W. Designed to be a high quality device with a contemporary de…

Pelsis 10 In stock

JVD Insect Disinsector insectivor 2 speeds

190,26 € HT 146,00 € HT
Ref: 8551361

Hygienic: no insect projection Ecological: No chemicals Odorless: No odor of insect electrocution Easy …

JVD 9 In stock

Destructive insect glue plate Flypod

64,00 € HT
Ref: ZF051

Insect killer flypod. Flying insects bother you? Get the Flypod: a design device, modern and innovative! …

Pelsis 9 In stock

BRC Insect Destroyer wall MGL black glue

109,00 € HT
Ref: MGL30N

The insect destroyer BRC MGL black glue is designed for a surface of 80m2 with a tube of 40W maximum. Th…

BRC 9 In stock

Insect Kineto Insect Killer 40 Watts

195,42 € HT 79,70 € HT
Ref: 51538

The insect destroyer Rossignol kileo 40 Watts is a powerful model whose field of action covers up to 150 …

Rossignol 9 In stock

Destructor insect glu BRC iglu white

53,90 € HT

Discreet professional quality, both outdoors and indoors: house, apartment, terrace, balcony, restaurants…

BRC 8 In stock

Insect killer glu prism 11 W

39,95 € HT

The Prism Insect Destroyer is the design and discreet solution for a house without flying insects. The Pr…

Pelsis 8 In stock

Destroctor insect glu BRC iglu black

53,90 € HT

Professional quality in all discretion, both inside and out: house, apartment, terrace, balcony, restaura…

BRC 8 In stock

Destroctor insect glu BRC iglu blue

53,90 € HT

Professional quality in all discretion, both inside and out: house, apartment, terrace, balcony, restaura…

BRC 8 In stock

Insect destroyer 45W infiniti

276,00 € HT

Insect destroyer led inifiniti is the insect destroyer with professional glue plate. The infiniti Insect …

Pelsis 7 In stock

Insect destroyer BRC 20 W stainless steel eco lamp

79,10 € HT
Ref: FX20IB

Energy saving lamp insect destroyer 1500 hours lifetime (compared to 300 for conventional neon lights). …

BRC 7 In stock

Destructive insect glue board Design Satalite 18 W

104,00 € HT
Ref: ZL020

Insect Destroyer Slip Plate Design Satalite 18 W. Designed to be a high quality appliance with contempora…

Pelsis 6 In stock

Destructor insect glu BRC iglu red

53,90 € HT

Professional quality in all discretion, both inside and out: house, apartment, terrace, balcony, restaura…

BRC 6 In stock

Insect killer glu lamp eco BRC 40W stainless steel

85,10 € HT
Ref: FX40GIN

Energy saving lamp insect destroyer 1500 hours lifetime (compared to 300 for conventional neon lights). …

BRC 6 In stock

Destructive insect glue board Plus Light 30W

98,00 € HT
Ref: ZF043

Insect Destroyer Plus Glue Plate Light 30 Watts from P + L Systems. PlusLight is a commercial glue plate …

Pelsis 5 In stock
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