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Insect Shredder

Insect Destroyer the choice

The insect destructor can be of several types.

Insect Shredder

It is necessary to distinguish the destructor of insect to tube and electrified grid that works on the principle of a light whose wavelength attracts the insects. The latter then electrify on the grids. The insects are then recovered in the destructor.
The same principle of insect destructor exists but with surfaces on which are glue plates. Plates have two functions: to widen the catch on insects that have not been electrocuted and to avoid the projection of waste (which is an important condition in the food industry).
In these two cases, the glued insect destroyer is equipped with one or more tubes characterized by their power (20 watts, 40, 60 ..). This gives the power of the device and therefore its radius of action. The tubes are of course interchangeable.

The destructive insect tubes

The tubes are two kinds: the conventional tubes and the so-called "anti-shatter" tubes. The peculiarity of the anti-splint tubes is to be sheathed and therefore to avoid splashing of glass in the event of bursting of the tube. This characteristic makes mandatory in the food industry.

Energy saving lamp shredder BRC destructor insect opus

There is a generation of BRC OPUS insect destroyer equipped with an energy-saving lamp which has the advantage of a much longer lamp life of 15000 hrs (compared with 300 for classic neon lights) .

Mosquito Magnet Destroyer

Beyond an insect destroyer there is the Mosquito Magnet system developed by Favex which is intended for outdoor protection for surfaces up to 4000 m2.
Mosquito magnet à prix direct usine

The system acts as a decoy and the process takes place in 3 phases, the device attracting the mosquitoes in a first time, then aspiring and trapping them, the third stage being the death by asphyxiation of the said mosquitoes. Explanation! It should be noted that the mosquito is attracted by the smell of the skin and the presence of carbon dioxide produced by human respiration. The diffusion of a mixture combining propane gas, transformed by the apparatus into carbon dioxide (CO²), and an adjuvant, Octenol (substance produced by plants and certain animals), as well as Lurex 3 specially dedicated to Tiger mosquitoes, reproduce the characteristics of this human respiration and in so doing "trap" insects, which are aspirated via an attractant tube into a net, where they then dehydrate in 24 hours.

Do not hesitate to contact us on 0810 643 176 and we will advise you on your fight against mosquitoes in outdoor.
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