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Cleaner durasols choice of pros

Cleaner durasols direct manufacturer

Cleaner Durasols the choice of the professional made in France

Solutions adapted for each type of soil:
• To keep their original luster as long as possible
• To ensure excellent resistance to traffic and wearThe appearance and cleanliness of the floors, it is the quality of the reception, the safety of the user, the general hygiene of the premises.

Cleaner Durasols offers ranges and formulas with recognized efficiency.
This expertise is associated with professional and environmentally friendly washing methods.

Both types of stripping

Wet pickling:
Also referred to as reconditioning: for very dirty coatings.
Application of the cleaner product with a dishwashing mop, time of action to be respected then passage of the low-speed monobrush.
Suction or removal of residues on the squeegee.
Dry pickling (in spray):
allows the total or partial elimination of soil protection by applying the principle of the spray method.
The product is sprayed on the floor and the monobrush passes with a suitable disc (brown disc).
This stripping is suitable for soils that are especially sensitive to water and without excessive accumulation of layers of waxes.
For the treatment of small areas.

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High performance Ecocub dosing bottle

4,45 € HT
Ref: 012755

Vacuum dosing bottle for Ecocub high performance detergent degreaser. Cubitainer 10L reference: 212316

Cleaner durasols 32 In stock

Measuring bottle for Ecocub grapefruit floor cleaner

4,45 € HT
Ref: 212315

Empty dosing bottle for ecocub concentrated grapefruit cleaner ref. 212310

Cleaner durasols 22 In stock

Measuring bottle for Ecocub lemon soil cleaner

4,45 € HT
Ref: 212323

Empty dosing bottle for ecocub lemon soil cleaner ref. 212300

Cleaner durasols 19 In stock

Ecocub concentrated soil cleaner 3D pamplemouse

64,35 € HT
Ref: 212310

Ecocub triple action 3D soil concentrate, grapefruit fragrance. Capacity 10 liters. 1 ECOCUB = 500 BUCKET…

Cleaner durasols 4 In stock

Ecocub window and surface 10 L

31,20 € HT
Ref: 213380

Ecocub pane and surface is recommended for daily maintenance of all washable surfaces. The Ecocub system …

Cleaner durasols 3 In stock
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