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Gloss natural care product

Cleaning gloss

Gloss the range made in France naturally effective

Grandma's recipes are often the most effective.
Discover Gloss for a household 100% natural!
Made in France in the Lyonnaise region, Gloss offers a complete range of cleaning products multi-purpose, natural, authentic and ... innovative! :
Gloss revisits the classic products of yesteryear by offering brand new GEL formulas in a convenient, ready-to-use format.
Its gelled texture, very concentrated in active, allows to target the surface to be treated; the gel clings to surfaces to maximize its effectiveness.
100% natural *, fragrance free, allergen free, preservative free, colorant free, paraben free, endocrine disrupting and 100% recyclable packaging, Gloss formulas combine technology and simplicity of the past.
Gloss also take the essential essentials of grandmother, powder, which have been proven (baking soda, citric acid, soda crystals, earth Sommières etc.) and the traditional stone cleaning!
An ideal range to make your own recipes for household products! Simple but effective, healthy and ecological, Gloss is the solution for a perfect interior. Gloss, the secret of yesteryear naturally effective.

* Assets 100% of natural origin
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Gloss crystals of soda powder 600g

5,00 € HT 3,20 € HT
Ref: 835210

Gloss crystals of soda gel 750ml helps to degrease and clean up. Gloss crystals of soda degreasing univer…

Gloss 10 In stock

Marseille soap cube 600g

3,90 € HT 3,30 € HT
Ref: 025560

Savon de Marseille is a unique product, natural and authentic. It is made in France, it comes from a trad…

Gloss 1 In stock

Gloss bicarbonate of soda 750 ml

4,90 € HT
Ref: 835160

Bicarbonate of soda gel gloss is the miracle product of everyday life for the maintenance of the house. …


Gloss soap black linseed oil 750 ml

4,40 € HT
Ref: 835170

For a clean and healthy interior, the ready-to-use Gloss black soap is the wonder miracle cure that will …


Gloss baking soda powder 1kg

9,50 € HT
Ref: 835200

Gloss baking soda is a multi-purpose powder. Gloss baking soda degreases, deodorizes and sanitizes. Gloss…


Gloss citric acid powder 800g

9,20 € HT
Ref: 835220

Gloss citric acid powder 800g is a natural descaler. Citric acid gloss helps eliminate limescale and rust…


Gloss sorrel salt powder

6,70 € HT
Ref: 835240

Gloss sorrel salt is an oxalic acid. Gloss sorrel salt renews, eliminates rust and brightens the wood. Gl…


Marseille soap 1 L

8,65 € HT
Ref: 025550

Marseille soap is a unique product, natural and authentic. It is made in France, it comes from a traditio…

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