Numatic RSB150NX backpack vacuum cleaner

Backpack vacuum cleaner

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Numatic RSB150NX is a benchmark in battery-powered backpack vacuum cleaner for professional use. It uses the latest generation Numatic NX300 battery compatible with all Numatic NX300 battery hardware. A digital engine 40% more efficient than a conventional engine!

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All about numatic RSB150NX backpack vacuum cleaner

Numatic RSB150NX backpack battery vacuum cleaner. Optimal efficiency for difficult to access or congested places.
The Numatic RSB150NX battery vacuum cleaner therefore allows for increased productivity on construction sites where a conventional corded vacuum cleaner could not be used.
The Numatic backpack vacuum cleaner has a modern and ergonomic design, the RSB150NX is powered by our latest generation Lithium battery, the NX300. This powerful battery (36V 1 hour autonomy) and quickly rechargeable (80% power in 1 hour) can be used with all products in the Numatic NX range (range of wireless devices).

The power and efficiency of the RSB150NX Lithium battery vacuum cleaner also comes from its 350W digital motor. This motor increases the air and suction flow of the device by 40% compared to a conventional motor.
The backpack vacuum cleaner is equipped with an ultra comfortable harness. It easily adjusts to the size, supports the operator's back and allows good posture in all circumstances.

Lithium battery advice: “A stored battery degrades more than a battery that is used regularly.”


- Motor: 350W
- Power supply type: NX300 36V Lithium Battery
- Air flow: 19.9L/sec (Lo) - 24L/sec (Hi)
- Max depression: 1183mm/CE (Lo) - 1580mm/CE (Hi)
- Autonomy (2 speeds): 83 mins (Lo) - 49 mins (Hi)
- Charging time: 1h (80%) - 2h (100%)
- Useful capacity: 3L
- Weight: 8.2kg
- Dimensions: 330x330x570mm

Accessories included:

921943 Complete hose 1.4m Ø32mm
601051 Aluminum elbow tube Ø32mm
601024 Straight aluminum tube Ø32mm (provide 2 in the kit)
912358 EcoFlo dust sensor 2 positions 270mm Ø32mm
with parking system
601141 Double adapter Ø32mm
601144 Round brush Ø65mm mouthpiece Ø32mm
913686 Lithium Battery NX300
911334 Lithium battery charger NX300
910915 Primary filter “TRITEX” back tank

Optional accessories:

604011 Set of 10 Hepaflo 6L filters
913686 Additional NX300 Lithium Battery
911334 Lithium battery charger NX300
912361 Charger Cable - fast charging

Please note that this version cannot be subject to the addition of the HEPA filter 901647.
To have the model with Hepa filtration you must order the RSB150NX Hepa version
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Numatic RSB150NX backpack vacuum cleaner
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6 reviews
  • 14/05/2024

    Cet article répond à notre attente.

  • 01/03/2024

    Très bon produit dont les sangles sont à améliorées au niveau de l'ajustement. Une brosse sol dur pour les copropriété serait un plus.

  • 18/11/2023


  • 06/10/2023

    Un très bon investissement

  • 29/04/2023

    Après deux semaines très satisfait. Autonomie conforme aux indications. Assez lourd sur les épaules malgré tout.

  • 26/08/2022

    Parfait,autonomie et puissance suffisante,utilisation professionnelle.

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