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1Paper towel hands consciously choose

Paper hand towels the cost

What choice, what cost, what hygiene?

In recent years, hand hygiene is the center of all concerns in communities but also within each individual.
Thus, it is now clear that a strengthened hand hygiene can limit so very important contaminations between individuals.

Today, several approaches exist in the treatment of hand hygiene.
We distinguish hand washing, wiping or drying hands, instant disinfection.

As part of hand washing, it is now accepted that handwashing beyond the product used, which must meet the relevant standards of disinfection use framework (Communities, Hospitals, Day nurseries ...) must be carried out methodically and above with a minimum without which the disinfectant soap used can be reduced to nothing.

Once this is achieved and implemented through protocols, comes the crucial choice of hand drying mode.

At this point the decision criteria are often contradictory.

Indeed, it is clearly established through the Pasteur Institute tests the best results in bacteriological terms are obtained with the use of disposable paper hand towels.
However many users are turning to dry hands electrical systems that have an economic argument of weight.

Indeed once the unit purchased, apart from the power consumption, there is no possible comparison in terms of cost to the disposable paper hand towels.
We'll talk a little later performance of these devices including the appearance since 2008 dry hands forced air.

On disposable hand towel paper, the choice of the distribution system and the quality of the hand towel is decisive.
Indeed, the black point of the solution paper hand towels is overconsumption.
This is where beyond the price of the product in absolute terms, the distribution system for distributing the amount of hand towels necessary and sufficient is fundamental.
In this context there are two main areas:

The windscreen hands formats

Hand towels folded paper

- The windscreen hands folded disposable paper: these hand towels come in different formats and different folding.

The format corresponds to the usable surface when wiping is shown in two dimensions: Example 23 x 23 cm, 23 x 25 cm, 22 x 34 cm ...
Usually the first dimension of the hand towel corresponds to the width and the second to its length.
More wipes hands will be great in theory use the user leaves.
The second element concerns folding the hand towels.

It is then necessary to distinguish:
- The interleaved hand towels which folding is close to a "W" or "Z"
- The hand towel folded zigzag folding which is close to a "V"
- Folded towels in C.

Each wiper type requires hands to be placed in a dispenser suitable to the risk that the user has several hand towels each time instead of having a distribution "sheet" where the cartridge does not fit into the 'apparatus.
The main paper hand towels manufacturers are Tork, Lucart.

Hand towel rolls paper

- The hand towel disposable paper rolls: these hand towel are in the form of rolls of various lengths and width.

Two systems exist:

- The paper towel dispensers hand "Autocut" which automatically cuts the hand towel each time the user pulls on the roll.
In this context you can view the Lotus nextTurn system.

- The other system having an evolution is the contactless distribution system.
The user moves the hand in front of a cell which triggers the automatic distribution of a hand towel whose length is adjustable.
This type of system like Lotus ENMOTION allows for impeccable hygiene since there is no contact between the user and the distributor.
These distribution system to allow addition to increased mastery of the hand towels distribution.
to then redeem Lotus Professional Division SCA Tork, the system always operates EnMotion has now evolved into the Tork H1 system.

- For kitchens and office catering in the hand paper towels mainly used is the central system reeling.

This system consists of a dispenser in which is placed a hand towel paper rolls with the particularity that its distribution is made from the inside of the coil.
For this first removing the cardboard core that is precut to pull the hand towels by the center.
The most common format in this type of hand towels is the coil of 450 sheets with a size ranging from 20x30 cm to 22x35 cm.
Often proposed in white cotton 2-ply or blue cotton.
There is also the same system in a smaller size with a coil ranging from 160 to 210 sheets and a size of less cumbersome dispenser.

Paper hand towels comparative electric hand dryer report

A comparative study of different methods of hand drying conducted by two scientists from the School of Biosciences at the University of Westminster in London, found that hand towels disposable paper were the most hygienic method of drying far ahead dry hand blown or forced air.
The results of this study are visible on the drying connected hands.
In summary they demonstrate that in the case of a dry hand hot air increases of 186.4% the number of bacteria on the fingertips and 230.4% on the palms.
Dry forced air hand increase by an average of 52.8% the number of bacteria present on the hands.
The paper hand towels reduce by 44.6% the number of bacteria on the palms and 77.9% on the fingertips.

It therefore appears that the choice of hygiene remains unequivocally hand towels Disposable paper.

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