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Product maintenance: how to properly use the neutral Maintenance Action Products cleaning products Product maintenance alkali, acid

Cleaning products is divided into three main families of a chemical point of view. Cleaning products "Alkaline" or "Basic" cleaning products "Neutral" cleaning products "acid" can be distinguished.

Product of alkaline or basic maintenance

Cleaning products "Alkaline" or "Basic" are characterized by a potential hydrogen (pH) greater than 8.
These cleaning products are usually strippers, cleaning ovens, degreasers, detergents, liquid car wash ...
The lower the pH will be higher than product is "Alkaline". Bleach is a highly alkaline product. Beyond 11.5, it is considered that the product is within the scope of the highly alkaline cleaners.

Acid cleaning product

The maintenance products "acid" are characterized by a hydrogen potential (pH) of less than 6.
These cleaning products are generally descaling gel toilet, sanitary descaling ... acting against the limestone.
We also find the washing machine descaling or coffee.
It also notes the need to be wary of highly effective maintenance against the limestone are often overload in hydrochloric acid, phosphoric acid or other products, and thus can attack your surfaces and fittings.
A cleaning agent having a pH less than 4 is considered strongly acidic.

Neutral cleaning product

Cleaning products called "neutral" are products whose potential hydrogen (pH) is between 6 and 8.
These cleaning products are generally used on fragile soils, fragile surfaces.
Found both on cosmetic products (savon. ..).
Surfaces such as floors protected by a thermoplastic emulsion must be an interview with a cleaning product called neutral.
These cleaning products are generally less effective but do not attack your surfaces.

The action of cleaning product is not the only element of success of your cleaning.

Indeed, even a cleaning product used manually or with a machine (scrubber, burnisher ...) will not have the same efficiency. If you add a mechanical action action your cleaning product, then you can reduce the dose of household or take a less aggressive cleaning product (eg maintenance ecolabel product).

In the same vein, a service used hot or cold product will not have the same effectiveness.
Such as your washing machine, dishwasher or even washing your vehicle.

Another parameter of the proper use of cleaning product is the time for action. The more you leave time to care product time to act, the less you'll have to act mechanically (rubbing action with or without machine.)

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