Hydroalcoholic gel Tork S1 6X1L

Hydroalcoholic gel cartridge

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Tork hydroalcoholic gel refill 1000 ml is suitable for the Tork S1 dispenser. This Tork refill can also be adapted in the S4 dispenser via adapter.

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All about hydroalcoholic gel Tork S1 6X1L

Tork hydroalcoholic gel refill 1000 ml is suitable for the Tork S1 dispenser.
In addition to washing your hands with soap, water and a disposable paper towel, adopt the Tork Premium Handsanitizer Alcohol gel as a complement, for even more impeccable hand hygiene.
The hydroalcoholic gel contains glycerol and betaine which take care of your hands, especially if you use it frequently.
Perfectly suited to catering areas and when it is impossible to wash your hands normally
Disinfects hands quickly and without water
Certified to European standard EN 1500, which guarantees the removal of 99.9% of bacteria on the hands
Contains ingredients such as betaine which moisturizes and protects the skin.

Compatible distributors:
560100: Soap dispenser Tork lever elbow S1 white
560000: Tork Elevation S1 soap dispenser white
560000: Tork Elevation S1 soap dispenser white
560008: Tork Elevation S1 soap dispenser black
511055: Tork dispenser hygiene stand

Cartridge suitable for manual S4 dispenser with adapter 511010
561500: Tork S4 manual dispenser white
561508: Tork S4 manual dispenser black
460010: Tork S4 stainless steel manual dispenser

Cartridge adaptable to S4 automatic intuition dispenser with adapter 511020
561600: Tork S4 vending machine white
561608: Tork S4 vending machine black
460009: Tork S4 stainless steel automatic dispenser

Sold in packages of 6x 1000 ml.
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Use biocides carefully. Before use, read the label and product information.
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Hydroalcoholic gel Tork S1 6X1L
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    comme la description de la fiche

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    Produits reçus dans des délais tout à fait raisonnable au vue de la crise sanitaire. Merci à vous

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