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Choosing the right trolley for your hotel

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In the hotel industry, the floor trolley has become an essential work tool for maintenance staff. Much more than a simple piece of rolling furniture, this multifunctional hotel trolley makes many daily tasks easier, from transporting linen to restocking hotel rooms with welcome products and also mini-bars . However, choosing the right hotel trolley is not an easy task. It must meet specific criteria to guarantee optimal room service, while harmonizing with the establishment's environment and attendance.
We offer you a wide range of laundry collection systems with market leading manufacturers Numatic and Rubbermaid .
Rubbermaid with the new X Cart range will allow you to modulate and also store the cart in an ultra compact manner when not in use. This range of trolleys specifically dedicated to hotel linen is a benchmark product.
The Numatic range of floor trolleys or hotel trolleys with multiple storage spaces and a wide variety of compositions will allow you to find the solution to your expectations. Numatic trolleys now made from ReFlo recycled plastic offer an alternative to respect the environment.

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The hotel trolley: A versatile and essential trolley

The hotel trolley is essential professional equipment for cleaning rooms , managing linen and waste, replenishing welcome products in the hotel industry and hotel residences. Capable of adapting to all working methods , its practicality reduces the efforts of maintenance personnel and employees, thus reducing the risk of poor posture and accidents.

Hotel trolleys: types

There are mainly two types of hotel trolleys:
- The room trolley : Versatile and compact, it allows you to transport clean and dirty linen, to have cleaning products close at hand, to restock welcome products with toilet paper , trash bags , deodorizers and more. 'evacuate waste.
- The laundry trolley : Dedicated to laundry management, it facilitates the collection of dirty laundry and the distribution of clean laundry.
Some models combine these two functions for even more efficient organization.

The advantages of the hotel trolley

Choosing the right hotel trolley brings many benefits to room service:
- Saving time and efficiency: Thanks to its optimal organization, staff can carry out their tasks more quickly and with less effort.
- Reduction of accident risks: The ergonomic design of the trolleys limits poor posture and physical effort.
- Improved brand image: A clean, well-arranged cart in harmony with the decor conveys an image of quality and care to customers.
- Flexibility and adaptability: Modern hotel trolleys are designed to adapt to different configurations of hotels and residences.

Choosing the right hotel trolley:

Before embarking on the purchase of a hotel trolley, it is essential to clearly define your needs and the specificities of your establishment.
Evaluate your hotel's needs
Start by asking yourself the right questions:
What exactly do you want to transport with this cart?
What are the tasks to be accomplished?
Do you want to separate the clean laundry and dirty laundry circuits?
What type of work organization are you considering?
These considerations will help you determine what features you need.

Hotel topography and traffic
The layout of your hotel is also key. Carefully measure the width of the corridors, the size of the elevators and the surface area of the pantries to ensure that the carts will be able to move through them easily. Also identify any obstacles, such as steps, in order to choose suitable models.
Prioritize robustness and maneuverability
A hotel trolley must be both strong and light. It must be able to support significant loads while remaining easy to maneuver, particularly by female staff. Pay particular attention to the materials, casters and height of the cart to ensure comfortable and safe use.
Take care of aesthetics and brand image
The floor cart is an element visible to customers, so it must convey a positive brand image. Choose models with careful design, harmonious finishes and optimal organization to reflect the standing of your establishment.
Determine the number of carts needed
The number of carts required depends on the size of your hotel, your room service organization and storage options. Some establishments opt for one cart per floor, while others prefer to assign one to each room attendant. Manufacturers like Numatic or Rubbermaid offer ranges adapted to different configurations, from 5 to 20 chambers per trolley.
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