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Advantages of a central cleaning

Cleaning plants are designed to provide users with a solution for cleaning and disinfecting floors and surfaces, ensuring a precise dilution of the product in food industry or in communities, central kitchen.
A cleaning station avoids waste water and allows savings on cleaning products with a dosage mastered. It therefore guarantee effective mixing both in terms of cleaning that respect disinfection standard.
Its connection does not require electricity and has no moving parts and therefore requires less maintenance and zero energy cost.

Installing a cleaning station

A cleaning station plugs into a cold or mixed water supply and no electricity or compressed air. It simply attaches to the wall via drilling of this one.

Operation and choice of model

A venturi suction system allows through the pressure of the water sucking the product. It is then the choice of the calibrating nozzle upstream of the suction of the product that allows through a range of 14 colors to choose precise dosage from 0.41% to 17.65%.
Cleaning plants can have multiple configurations with a product or two products.
In the case of a central product is most commonly used disinfectant detergent-type Comet Netgerm +.
In the case of a central two products can be supplemented with a powerful degreaser like Comet Radikal, a descaling or any other product.
It will therefore be possible to alternate between the use of both products.
Standard doors cans are as a rule designed for 5-liter cans, but there is the possibility to choose cans doors for 10-liter cans.

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