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Alkapharm the French disinfection

Alkapharm - French manufacturer of disinfectant products

Alkapharm French manufacturer of disinfection products
Alkapharm is a company of the Sodel group which notably includes the brands Propre Odeur and Exeol.
This branch, specifically developed to offer an alternative to the cleaning and disinfection of medical devices in particular, quickly developed on the market.
The Coronavirus Covid19 pandemic has demonstrated the Alkapharm's ability to respond present on several ranges, therefore that of hand disinfection through its line of Alkafresh hydroalcoholic gel, very complete and made in France.
Maintaining a high level of hygiene and disinfection in the hospital environment was already obvious but now the application of reinforced hygiene principles in our everyday life has also become the rule with the recurrence of H1N1, STRAS epidemics. , MERS and recently Covid19.

Alkapharm is ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO certified
13485: 2012 thus validating our ability to continuously supply a product that complies with the requirements of the hospital world and the applicable legal and regulatory requirements.

Since 1991, Alkapharm has supported
professionals in the fight against nosocomial infections with products of excellence with recognized effectiveness. Our products are distributed and used in Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia thanks to an innovative approach to hygiene and the performance reputation of our products.
During the Coronavirus Covid19 epidemic, Alkapharm products have demonstrated their effectiveness. The French location of the plant also allows rapid reactivity unlike manufacturers outside France.

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Septalkan virucidal disinfectant wipe

8,40 € HT 7,60 € HT
Ref: ALK0165

The Septalkan disinfectant wipe pack of 100 is used to clean and disinfect surfaces and medical devices. …

Alkapharm 24 In stock

Alkafresh airless hydroalcoholic gel 6X1L

58,10 € HT 46,90 € HT
Ref: ALK0119

Alkafresh hydroalcoholic gel from Alkapharm is a glycerol hydroalcoholic gel for medical use. Use on all…

Alkapharm 1 In stock
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