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Advantages of a cleaning center

The cleaning centers are designed to offer users a solution for cleaning and disinfecting floors and surfaces while ensuring precise dilution of the product in the food industry or in communities, central kitchens.
A cleaning center avoids wasting water and allows savings on cleaning products thanks to a controlled dosage of kitchen degreaser or disinfectant degreaser or descaling product in order to remove the limescale veil. It therefore guarantees an effective mixture both in terms of cleaning and compliance with disinfection standards.
Its connection does not require electricity and has no moving parts and therefore involves reduced maintenance and zero energy costs.
When using a cleaning and disinfection center, wear personal protective equipment such as a disposable suit , gloves, protective mask and suitable food safety boots .

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Installation of a cleaning center

A cleaning unit connects to a cold or mixed water supply and operates without electricity or compressed air. It is attached to the wall simply by drilling it.

Operation and choice of model

A Venturi suction system uses water pressure to suck up the product. It is then the choice of the calibration nozzle upstream of the suction of the product which allows, via a range of 14 colors, to choose a precise dosage from 0.41% to 17.65%.
The cleaning stations can have several configurations with one product or two products.
In the case of a central product, we will more generally use a disinfectant detergent such as Suma Bac D10 from Diversey or
In the case of a two-product plant, you can supplement it with a powerful degreaser such as Suma Break Up Diversey, a descaler or any other product.
It will therefore be possible to alternate between the use of the two products.
Standard bottle cages are generally designed for 5 liter cans, but there is the possibility of choosing bottle cages for 10 liter cans.

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