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Haccp food standard but not only!

You will find in this range: food handles, food brushes, food shovels, food brushes, food floor squeegees...

HACCP and ISO standards

All food businesses have external audits and requirements related to ISO 9001, HACCP, BRC (British Retail Consortium - Global Food Standard), IFS (International Food Standard), or GFSI (Food Safety Initiative).
Now comes ISO 22000, which applies all the principles of ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 to HACCP.
The choice of the right partner in food brushes therefore becomes strategic for hygiene.
The range of food brushes meets the needs of the food industry, sensitive areas and professionals (such as laboratories, health, communities, etc.). The range of food brushes is a range of products designed for intensive use. The products in the food brush range are very easy to disinfect. It is also possible to perform autoclave sterilization for most products. This range of brushes perfectly meets the requirements of French and European standards in terms of food safety. All broom products, food brushes , food squeegees ... that you will find here can be included in a HACCP approach.
This entire range is highly impact resistant . The composition of most products is polypropylene, which is a material of very high resistance.
The fibers of the food brushes are made of polyester. Polyester has excellent straightening ability and good resistance to bending.
The entire range of food brushes is available in several colors to avoid cross-contamination.

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Color codes in food brushes

• The use of color coded cleaning tools in the food industry can greatly help reduce the risk of cross contamination and with HACCP implementation. It has been found for several years in the use of colored cloths where already these color codes allow in hospitals but also communities and agri-food to "compartmentalize" areas. In fact, this avoids carrying a germ from a contaminated area to another area that is not.
• A methodical, color-coded approach associates each product with a particular area, division by business department and/or business specialization.
• The majority of our hygiene range are color coded, with up to six bright, easily identifiable colors to choose from depending on the cut you want.
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