Class H vacuum cleaner

Class H asbestos vacuum cleaner a requirement

Class H vacuum cleaner: characteristics and scope of use

Dust from classes L, M and H can be collected with one of these vacuum cleaners. They include all dusts harmful to health with an OEL value greater than 0.1 MG/m3, all carcinogenic dusts and dusts contaminated with germs and bacteria.
Specially designed for applications in areas such as small industries, chemical trade, plastics, pharmaceuticals, paper, textiles, tradesmen such as roofers and painters.
A class H vacuum cleaner with minimum Hepa H13 filtration.

Personal protection adapted to asbestos is essential

Body protection is the most important PPE along with the protective mask to protect against asbestos fibers. The EN ISO13982-1 standard (type 5 impervious to solid particles) is required to protect against asbestos fibers.
But did you know that?
The use of a class H vacuum cleaner often requires the use of a protective mask and a disposable suit , but for an asbestos suit to be standardized type 5, laboratory tests tolerate up to a 15% leak rate towards inside the disposable outfit. After the order from the Ministry of Labor requiring waterproof seams, the INRS recommends disposable clothing whose properties guarantee optimal protection.
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Class H compact vacuum cleaner Nilfisk Aero 26-W2H PC

825,00 € HT 519,00 € HT
Ref: 107420055

The Nilfisk class H Aero 26-W2H PC vacuum cleaner is a vacuum cleaner for use in the context of harmful d…

Nilfisk Advance 6 In stock

Aspirator Numatic asbestos class H hazardous dust HZ390S

891,00 € HT
Ref: 909518

Industrial vacuum cleaner for class H dust (EN60335-2-69): carcinogens, loaded with pathogens (VLE <0.1m…

Numatic 4 In stock

Asbestos vacuum cleaner class H Nilfisk Alto Attix 30-0H

859,00 € HT 629,00 € HT
Ref: 107407546

The Nilfisk Alto class H asbestos Attix 30-0H vacuum cleaner from Nilfisk basic version is a vacuum clean…

Nilfisk Alto 3 In stock

Nilfisk Alto Attix 30 Class H Asbestos-0H PC

1 114,00 € HT 699,00 € HT
Ref: 107400405

Nilfisk Alto class H vacuum cleaner Asbestos Attix 30-0H PC. Highly harmful hazardous dust. International…

Nilfisk Alto 2 In stock

Class H compact vacuum cleaner Nilfisk Aero 21-0H PC

641,00 € HT 479,00 € HT
Ref: 107420062

The Nilfisk class H Aero 21-0H PC vacuum cleaner is a vacuum cleaner for use in the context of harmful du…

Nilfisk Advance 2 In stock

Nilfisk Alto Attix 751 0H class H asbestos

1 463,00 € HT 1 104,00 € HT
Ref: 302001519

The Nilfisk 751 class 0H vacuum cleaner is specially designed for the treatment of asbestos and dangerous…

Nilfisk Alto 2 In stock

Nilfisk Alto Attix 50 Class H Asbestos-0H PC

1 250,00 € HT 937,00 € HT
Ref: 107400407

Nilfisk Alto Class H Asbestos Attix 50-0H PC vacuum cleaner for highly harmful hazardous dust. Internatio…

Nilfisk Alto 1 In stock

Nilfisk Alto ATTIX 33-2H PC

1 138,00 € HT 759,00 € HT
Ref: 107412183

Nilfisk Alto Attix 33-2H PC vacuum cleaner designed for use with highly harmful hazardous dust. Internati…

Nilfisk Alto 1 In stock

Nilfisk Attix 33-2H IC vacuum cleaner

1 306,00 € HT 979,00 € HT
Ref: 107412184

Nilfisk Attix 33-2H I vacuum cleaner is a vacuum cleaner for highly harmful hazardous dust. International…

Nilfisk Alto 1 In stock

Nilfisk Alto ATTIX 44-2H IC

1 424,00 € HT 1 068,00 € HT
Ref: 107412186

Nilfisk Alto Attix 44-2H IC vacuum cleaner is intended for vacuuming highly harmful hazardous dust. Inter…

Nilfisk Alto 1 In stock

Nilfisk Aero 26-2H PC Class H Compact Vacuum Cleaner

738,00 € HT 589,00 € HT
Ref: 107420051

The Nilfisk class H Aero 26-2H PC vacuum cleaner is a vacuum cleaner for use in the context of harmful du…

Nilfisk Advance AVAILABLE 12 DAYS

Numatic HAS750 vacuum cleaner

2 751,00 € HT
Ref: 838740

The HAS750 antistatic vacuum cleaner is a vacuum cleaner intended for class H dust (EN60335-2-69): carcin…


Nilfisk Alto Attix 965-0H / M SD XC class H asbestos

3 341,00 € HT 2 504,00 € HT
Ref: 302002903

Nilfisk Alto Attix 965-0H / M SD XC class H asbestos. Industrial strength for highly harmful dust. The At…


Wet and dust Nilfisk Alto Attix 50-21 PC EC HEPA

2 019,00 € HT 1 514,00 € HT
Ref: 107400412

Nilfisk Alto Attix 50-21 PC ECHEPA vacuum cleaner with EC Drive system which is used by Nilfisk Alto for …


Numatic Vacuum class H bi HZDQ 900-2 engines 40 liters

1 934,00 € HT
Ref: 839065

Numatic class H industrial vacuum cleaner for class H dust (EN 60335-2-69): carcinogenic, loaded with pat…


Numatic asbestos vacuum cleaner class H hazardous dust HZ390L

945,00 € HT
Ref: 909192

Industrial vacuum cleaner intended for class H dust (EN60335-2-69): carcinogenic, loaded with pathogens (…


Focus on

Nilfisk Alto H-Class Vacuum Cleaner

The strong points of Nilfisk Attix Class H

Push and clean system for manual filter unclogging (on PC versions). Antistatic preparation as standard.
Speed variator on 2H versions. Safety filter clogging/clogged hose. Continuous speed control (according to current standards).
Multifit connection: several possibilities of flexible diameter adaptable according to needs; diameter 27, 32, 36, 38 and 50 mm.
Class H certified filter, efficiency greater than 99.999%.
30-0H PC and 50-0H PC versions delivered complete with all accessories.
All class H vacuum cleaners are individually tested with their filter and are provided with their certification.
The "flowsensor" system incorporates an audible alarm which warns when the speed of the residue falls below the minimum of 20m/s.
The use of suction hoses of different diameters is easily adjustable on the main control panel.

Numatic H-Class Vacuum Cleaner

Testing and Certification of our Class M and H vacuum cleaners. All Numatic Class M and H vacuum cleaners (EN60335-2-69) meet the Sodium Chloride (NaCl) test.
Each device is individually certified: it has its own Filtration Certificate of Conformity.
Class H - EN60335-2-69 for HZ200, HZ370 and HZQ 900 vacuum cleaners.
Equipped with H13 filter only for HZ200 and HZ370.

Conduct of the DOP TEST

1. The vacuum cleaner equipped with the HEPA Filter that must be tested is positioned inside the test chamber.
2. Once the vacuum cleaner is connected and turned on, the test chamber is sealed.
3. At the other end of the test line, a solution of Sodium Chloride is sprayed at approximately 7 bars in aerosol form.
4. The tiny droplets go through the suction of the device, gradually moving towards the testing chamber.
5. When passing through the long tube, the fog formed from Sodium Chloride will dry up to leave only sodium chloride crystals 0.3µ in diameter.
6. At the heart of this test is a Hydrogen Flame Photometer which allows the air circulating during the operation to be tested.
7. By measuring the concentration of Sodium Chloride crystals present in the air sucked in and rejected by the vacuum cleaner, an exact calculation of the filtration level of the device is carried out.
8. Each result is individually reported on a test certificate which validates a particle filtration level of 0.3µ to more than 99.995%. This certificate of conformity is attached to the device tested.
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