Aspirator Numatic asbestos class H hazardous dust HZ390S

Class H vacuum cleaner

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The Numatic asbestos and hazardous dust vacuum cleaner HZ390S is a class H vacuum cleaner EN 60335-2-69: carcinogenic, loaded with pathogens. Specially designed for the suction of dangerous dust, this vacuum cleaner is particularly used in asbestos removal sites.

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All about aspirator Numatic asbestos class H hazardous dust HZ390S

Industrial vacuum cleaner for class H dust (EN60335-2-69): carcinogens, loaded with pathogens
(VLE <0.1mg / m3), it is equipped with an H13 HEPA filter under the EN1822 standard integrated into the motor head and a primary filter
It consists of a 2-stage engine, an epoxy steel head and a polypropylene tank to combine strength and
lightness. It has a bag saturation indicator light, closing hooks and a sealing plug with
Each unit comes with a filter change operating manual and is certified
Sodium Chloride NaCI test result (EN60335-2-69).
The combination of state-of-the-art technology and filtration for rigorous control of hazardous dust.
Sturdy and Quiet: Its silent all-steel head and Polypropylene-designed tub are a guarantee of durability and comfort: Suitable for hazardous dusts. Specially designed for the suction of dangerous dust, this vacuum cleaner is widely used in asbestos areas ...

Absolute filtration:

Its primary filter is reinforced by a high quality HEPA filter and mounted on a steel module for an optimal filtration efficiency reaching 99.997%.
Easy and Hermetic:
A cap on the head and another at the hose allow you to let no particles escape when you have finished your work.
Ingenious and practical:
With its Nuplug system, changing the power cable is a breeze. Its support with large wheels can move it in all types of places without any effort.

Technical characteristics

Motor power: 1200 W max
Supply voltage: 230 V - AC 50/60 Hz
Volume of air: 33 L / sec.
Depression: 2500 mm.
Tank capacity: 13 L
Useful capacity: 9.3 L
Field of action: 25 m.
Weight: 11.2 kg
Dimensions: 400 x 450 x 600 mm.
Bag compatible HEPAFLO reference 604015.

Standard accessories:

601101 Flexible Nuflex Ø32mm length 2,4m
601917 Stainless steel scraper nozzle Ø32mm 280mm
601142 Flat suction nozzle Ø32mm 240mm
601144 Round brush Ø65mm mouthpiece Ø32mm
602161 Round brush Ø152mm
601141 Double adapter Ø32mm
629445 Roll of 10 bags 120L

Filter included

604016 Set of 10 bags HEPAFLO 15L
207109 tritex tank filter 305mm
901649 Filter cartridge HEPA H13 (EN1822) for HZ390
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Aspirator Numatic asbestos class H hazardous dust HZ390S
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No recommendation
Devices intended for the collection of hazardous materials, or containing dangerous substances (asbestos, radioactive, toxic waste, etc.) must be the subject of a special decontamination procedure with a specialized body. This decontamination will be the responsibility of the customer, and will not give rise to any financial participation of Voussert or Numatic even during the warranty period.
It is understood that the maintenance (repair) of vacuum cleaners for the suction of dangerous dust (asbestos, wood, lead, silica ...) is the responsibility of the customer who has acquired it.
All these maintenance operations must be carried out in accordance with the NUMATIC INTERNATIONAL instruction manuals and in compliance with the laws in force inherent to this type of equipment, particularly with regard to the safety of persons (wearing PPE, APR ...)
In the event that the customer is not able to carry out the necessary maintenance operations (repair), he must then call upon a specialized and approved company in the decontamination of suction equipment intended for the collection of dangerous dust.
NUMATIC INTERNATIONAL SAS may transmit the details of a specialized and approved company to the customer concerned after written request by RAR mail of the latter.
Any return of vacuum cleaners intended for the extraction of dangerous dust (SAV and others) will have to be accompanied by a certificate of decontamination coming from a specialized company and approved in the decontamination of equipment of aspiration intended for the capture of dangerous dust.
All the operations of re-certification of the vacuum cleaners intended for the collection of dangerous dusts following an intervention SAV falls to the customer who acquired it.
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4 reviews
  • 08/11/2022

    aspirateur conforme a la description

  • 24/12/2021

    Appareil simple d'utilisation Assez cher, mais efficace

  • 11/12/2020

    bon rapport qualité prix

  • 13/02/2017

    Aspirateur approprié à nos attentes.

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