Battery vacuum cleaner

Battery vacuum cleaner for more autonomy

How to choose the right professional battery vacuum cleaner?

The choice of battery power in many ranges of tools is now the rule.
Manufacturers of professional equipment have understood the interest for the end user in terms of time saving and flexibility. The choice of a battery vacuum cleaner for a professional electric vacuum cleaner is mainly guided by the notion of autonomy and practicality.
Hardly accessible surfaces, cluttered places or with configurations making it complicated and tedious to use a corded electric vacuum cleaner.
Several types of vacuum cleaners are now available with batteries, thanks to the development of more compact lithium batteries and above all offering greater autonomy thanks to more efficient chargers.

Battery-powered stick vacuum cleaner

The "Dyson" type broom vacuum cleaner has experienced exponential development in the field of the general public.
This model of vacuum cleaner is now declined by several brands including Numatic manufacturer of recognized professional vacuum cleaners with its Numatic Quick range .
The Numatic Quick range is available in a red "Henry" design and in a gray color for more neutral use in the professional environment.
Numatic has taken advantage of its historical know-how in the world of suction to offer an innovative and very effective product.
The battery-powered Numatic Quick vacuum cleaner offers dust-free emptying : Thanks to its innovative capsule system with the Henry Quick, you can remove what you have just vacuumed without dust or dirt. The Henry Quick vacuum cleaner always stays clean and like new thanks to the capsules. This feature is a Numatic innovation specific to the Henry Quick.
Emptying the vacuum cleaner is done with just one click.

The professional battery-powered backpack vacuum, practically a no-brainer!

The other large category of vacuum cleaner that practically requires the choice of a battery-powered model is the backpack vacuum cleaner. Indeed, the choice of a backpack vacuum cleaner is essentially based on freedom of movement and often guided by the difficulty of access and transport of a "classic" vacuum cleaner.
Numatic and Taski offer the latest generation professional battery-powered backpack vacuum cleaners that provide suction quality and autonomy that can exceed 1 hour and 20 minutes.

One or two batteries?

Choosing a second battery can be a wise option. Indeed, this makes it possible to always keep a battery in reserve in the context of cleaning sites where the duration of intervention is long or the surfaces are large.
In this context, two battery packs are offered by Numatic or Taski.

Numatic a battery for all your professional devices

Numatic has declined through its new line of vacuum cleaners, the Numatic 244NX scrubber-dryer, a complete line operating with a single model of lithium battery.
The RSB150NX Battery Backpack Vacuum will also use the same battery as the Numatic Henry Quick line of vacuum cleaners.
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numatic henry quick filter capsules

27,90 € HT
Ref: 915269

Filter capsules for the numatic henry quick and hetty quick cordless vacuum cleaner. The capsules make it…

Numatic 35 In stock

Numatic Henry Quick vacuum cleaner gray

305,00 € HT
Ref: 915026

Numatic launches its first cordless battery-powered broom vacuum cleaner: discover the Henry Quick range.…

Numatic 24 In stock

Numatic Quick 2 battery vacuum cleaner

356,00 € HT
Ref: 915027

Numatic launches its first cordless battery-powered broom vacuum cleaner: discover the Quick range. You w…

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Numatic Henry Quick red vacuum cleaner

305,00 € HT
Ref: 913928

Numatic launches its first cordless battery-powered broom vacuum cleaner: discover the Henry Quick range.…

Numatic 18 In stock

Pastille passion numatic henry quick batch of 10

15,64 € HT
Ref: 915350

Passion scented tablets for Henry Quick stick vacuum cleaner. Pack of 10 scented pastilles. The scented t…

Numatic 15 In stock

Drums numatic henry quick hetty quick

124,00 € HT
Ref: 915170

Replacement battery for Numatic Henry Quick and Hetty Quick stick vacuum cleaners. The Henry Quick's batt…

Numatic 7 In stock

Vanilla tablet numatic henry quick lot of 10

15,64 € HT
Ref: 914593

Vanilla scented tablets for Henry Quick stick vacuum cleaner. Pack of 10 scented pastilles. The scented t…

Numatic 7 In stock

Numatic WBV370 NX vacuum cleaner

869,00 € HT 699,00 € HT
Ref: 916715

Spills happen quickly, but when it comes to wiping up, it's a different story... Eliminate the risk of sl…

Numatic 6 In stock

Ergonomic handle numatic henry quick hetty quick

31,27 € HT
Ref: 915353

The ergonomic handle is suitable for Numatic Henry Quick and Hetty Quick vacuum cleaners. The Henry Quick…

Numatic 5 In stock

numatic quick vacuum cleaner brush

39,09 € HT
Ref: 915358

This brush allows you to replace the brush of your motorized head in case of deterioration. Gray color br…

Numatic 5 In stock

Numatic Hetty Quick vacuum cleaner pink

305,00 € HT
Ref: 915028

Numatic launches its first cordless battery-powered broom vacuum cleaner: discover the Henry Quick range …

Numatic 5 In stock

Numatic NBV190NX 8 L battery vacuum cleaner

845,00 € HT
Ref: 913014

Numatic NBV190NX vacuum cleaner is battery operated. Optimal efficiency for places that are difficult to …

Numatic 4 In stock

Numatic lithium battery charger

207,53 € HT
Ref: 604501

Numatic lithium battery charger for Numatic NVB190 or RSB140 vacuum cleaner. Charger sold alone without b…

Numatic 4 In stock

Henry Quick Hetty Quick Accessory Pack

39,09 € HT
Ref: 915352

2-in-1 combi nozzle & tool accessory pack for the Numatic Henry Quick and Hetty Quick vacuum cleaners. Th…

Numatic 2 In stock

Battery charger numatic henry quick hetty quick

35,35 € HT
Ref: 915243

Battery charger for Henry Quick and Hetty Quick vacuum cleaners. Battery ref: 914593

Numatic 1 In stock

Numatic PBT230NX battery canister vacuum cleaner

973,00 € HT
Ref: 913068

The Numatic PBT230NX Combo Canister Vacuum Cleaner features our new NX300 36V battery technology and a 35…

Numatic 1 In stock

Battery vacuum cleaner aero up Taski

1 064,37 € HT 699,00 € HT
Ref: 7524776

The Aero Up Taski battery vacuum cleaner is a lightweight lithium battery-powered stick vacuum cleaner fo…


henry quick hetty quick wall plinth

15,64 € HT
Ref: 915351

Wall base for Henry and Hetty Quick vacuum cleaners. The Henry Quick vacuum cleaner will take up little s…

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