Silent vacuum cleaner

Powerful but silent!

Taski aero an awesome silence

The new Taski AEROs are ultra quiet and can be used in all types of environments, at any time. With Eco mode on AERO PLUS models, the sound level can be reduced to 50 dB (A).
For comparison a conventional vacuum cleaner develops up to 82 db (A) a hair dryer 90 db (A) a drill 100 db (A) a thunderstorm 130 db (A).
Taski AERO is a new range of ultra-quiet dust extractors designed to offer you the very best in suction innovation. Consisting of 4 different models, it offers you:
• High quality aspiration
• An incomparable silence
• The best of ergonomics TASKI
• Robustness

Taski's murmuring technology
Thanks to the innovative and patented "whisper" technology, TASKI AERO vacuum cleaners are extremely quiet with a noise level of 53 dB (A), or 50 dB (A) in Eco mode.
These results are achieved through a highly innovative airflow system designed around rooms of various sizes and specific insulation to reduce noise emissions.

Taski Aero innovation
The new TASKI AERO range is entirely new, developed and tested by TASKI.
The concept is also intended to simplify the user experience as much as possible and to facilitate the replacement of any spare part.
TASKI AERO offers impressive efficiency. This results from a work of measurement and optimization of each variable.
Each part of the vacuum cleaner is designed to minimize any loss of suction through sealed connections.
At the crossroads of technology and design, all Taski AERO vacuums offer unrivaled ease of use thanks to a unique combination of features.
Moreover, the replacement of parts such as filters, cables, etc. is simplified by an ingenious design and can be realized by the user in a few seconds without any tools.
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Taski aero 8 plus ultra silent vacuum cleaner

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Taski aero 15 Ultra-quiet vacuum cleaner

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Numatic vacuum cleaner dust silent DBQ250-2

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