Power washing cleaning hose 15 m 2 basic products can 5 L

Central 2 basic cleaning products

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All about power washing cleaning hose 15 m 2 basic products can 5 L

Central cleaning and disinfection for 2 products. Central delivered with a complete connection kit, 2 x 5 liter container supports and an anti-shock gun.
Reinforced blue hose of food quality, resistant 70°c and 20 bars length 15 m.
Excellent resistance to washing products from the valve, the nozzles and the plastic injector.
Filtering anti-pollution valve.
Gun with high shock protection, resistant to 80°C and 25 bars.
Central certified and approved ACS (France) DVGW (Germany) SVGW (Switzerland) BELGAQUA (Belgium) KIWA (Holland).
Wall fixing with three screws.
Connection to standard water supply in 20/27.
Screen printing possible for your establishment (depending on quantity).
1 bag of 15 nozzles is supplied (Ref: LB970103N)

Technical characteristics

8 PVC plate with integrated washing hose support
8 Venturi injector in PP compatible with the majority of products
chemicals, easily removable
8 Easily removable check valve, ceramic ball, Hastelloy® spring and EPDM O-ring (FPM on request)
8 Stainless steel hose resistant to 110°C - 18 bar
8 Built-in CA type anti-pollution valve (NC double check valve AR on request)
8 Product suction line(s) in Tubclair® hose (Tygon® hose on request)
8 Dilution ratio from 0.5 to 11% Working pressure: 2 to 6 bar Water temperature: 50° C maximum
8 Universal pictograms for use and safety
8 ACSE certified device according to EN1717 directive, if CA valve.


8 Operation without power supply or compressed air
8 Direct connection to a water supply tap
8 Reduction of maintenance costs thanks to quick and tool-free replacement of wearing parts (Venturi injector, AR valve(s))
8 Guarantee of correct dilution and controlled consumption of chemicals
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Power washing cleaning hose 15 m 2 basic products can 5 L
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  • 05/10/2021

    materiel reçu, ne fonctionnait pas vanne montée à l'envers , clapet anti retour, coincé, produit de lavage non aspiré???????????? pour un produit neuf Le client risque d'etre très mécontent collectivité.

  • On 05/10/2021, Voussert replied :

    Bonjour, nous regrettons que le produit reçu ne soit pas conforme. Nous ne sommes pas le fabricant, il peut arriver malheureusement qu'un produit sorti d'usine soit défaillant. Vous avez par ailleurs fait une demande technique à notre SAV. N'hésitez pas à leur répondre pour le bon suivi de votre demande. Cordialement, Le service client.

  • On 05/10/2021, the customer replied :

    Bonjour, Nous n'etes pas le fabricant mais le garant de ce matériel que nous vous avons acheté. Pour notre client nous sommes le garant du matériel que nous vous avons achetés Nous attendons de votre part une solution au problème D'avance merci

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