Central cleaning disinfection 1 m 15 basic product can 5 L

Cleaning unit 1 basic product

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All about central cleaning disinfection 1 m 15 basic product can 5 L

Cleaning and disinfection center for 1 product. Central unit delivered with a complete connection kit, 1 5 liter canister support and an anti-shock gun. Food grade reinforced blue hose, resistant to 70°C and 20 bars, length 15 m.
Designed for intensive cleaning of all professional premises: kitchens, food preparation and storage areas, sanitary facilities, etc.
- Dilution, spraying and rinsing
- Mixes the chemical with water by Venturi system
- Concentration adjustment using color calibrated nozzles

Technical characteristics

'PVC plate with integrated washing hose support
'Venturi injector in PP compatible with the majority of chemical products, easily removable
' Easily removable check valve, ceramic ball, Hastelloy® spring and EPDM O-ring (FPM on request)
' Stainless steel hose resistant to 110°C - 18 bar
' Integrated anti-pollution valve type CA (NF valve with double AR valve on request)
' Product suction line(s) in Tubclair® pipe (Tygon® pipe on request)
'Dilution ratio from 0.5 to 11%
Working pressure: 2 to 6 bar
Water temperature: 50° C maximum
' Universal use and safety pictograms
' ACSE certified device according to EN1717 directive, if CA valve
- Food-certified Thermoclean AL 20® washing hose, 5-layer construction with polyester fiber for greater longevity, outer layer in non-marking and anti-grease blue PVC
- Resists 70°C under 20 bar
- Equipped with a 6-ball stainless steel quick coupler.
Available in several lengths to choose from: 10, 15, 20 or 25 linear meters.
- Ergonomic plastic anti-shock gun with adjustable jet by dial, light and resistant for intensive use, PP body reinforced with fiberglass, flexible plastic anti-shock protection, stainless steel inlet connection, axle and spring - EPDM seals. Resists 50°C - 12 bar
- Brass anti-shock gun with adjustable jet equipped with a tip for quick coupler, solid brass body entirely covered with food grade rubber, anti-burn tab, stainless steel spring and stainless steel shaft with double O-ring, reinforced stainless steel pusher and nickel-plated outlet. Resistant to 95° - 24 bar.

The units are delivered as standard with a non-return valve with EPDM seal (ref: LB000113) for basic products. For use with acidic products , it is necessary to replace the valve with a model with a more resistant FPM seal (ref: LB000112).

Use of a chemical product with a PH ranging from 1 to 6 (ACID) = equipped with a YELLOW valve (FPM seal).
Use of a chemical product with a PH ranging from 7 to 14 (ALKALINE) must be equipped with a BLACK valve (EPDM seal).

' Operation without power supply or compressed air
' Direct connection to a water supply tap
' Reduction in maintenance costs thanks to rapid, tool-free replacement of wearing parts (Venturi injector, rear valve(s))
' Guarantee of fair dilution and controlled consumption of chemicals
Installation kit included
- 1 equipped washing hose,
- 1 spray gun equipped,
- 1 or 2 canister support(s),
- 1 stainless steel connection hose,
- 1 connection kit,
- 1 kit of screws and joints,
- Calibration nozzles (bag of 14),
- 1 technical notice.
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Central cleaning disinfection 1 m 15 basic product can 5 L
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    Très bien

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    En travaux, pas encore en service donc pas essayé

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    Déçu qu'il n'y est pas un bidon 5l de produit.

  • 06/09/2018

    pas encore installé semble très bien

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    bon produit on verra a l usage

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