Obtain clean dishes in a professional dishwasher

Professional dishwasher, better understanding

Dishwashing is an essential task in any professional kitchen. Clean plates, glasses and cutlery are not only a hygiene requirement, but they also contribute to the overall customer experience for a restaurant, children in a school...
This is where a professional dishwasher comes in. There are therefore multiple advantages to using a professional dishwasher as a result of the importance of clean dishes in a professional kitchen.
It is therefore important to take into account the main components of a professional dishwasher, the correct maintenance and cleaning of your professional dishwasher, the role of rinsing in obtaining impeccable dishes, the use of a descaler to prevent build-up and maintain optimal performance, optimizing the dishwasher arm for maximum cleaning power, adjusting dishwasher pressure for different types of dishes, the importance of soft water and using a dishwasher softener, controlling dishwasher temperature for effective cleaning, and finally, common troubleshooting tips for professional dishwashers.
It is by listing all these parameters that you will realize that having “good” products is only the beginning of the result !

The importance of clean dishes in a professional kitchen

The cleanliness of dishes is of paramount importance in a professional kitchen. Clean tableware not only ensures a pleasant experience for customers, but it also helps maintain the high hygiene standards required in the catering industry. Indeed, since the implementation of Haccp methodologies , hygiene in the field of collective catering has evolved enormously. The installation of disinfectant products , food brushes , color-coded dishcloths or contactless kitchen trash cans , for example , helps to increase hygiene.
In this context, clean and shiny plates and cutlery are a sign of professionalism and attention to detail, which can have a positive impact on the reputation of a dining establishment.
In addition, clean dishes combined with a choice of professional wash and rinse products contribute to the quality of the food served. Plates and glasses free of food residue or stains can improve the presentation of food and drinks. This allows chefs to showcase their culinary creations and ensure an optimal taste experience for customers.
Finally, clean dishes help prevent cross-contamination . Food residue and bacteria on dishes can spread to fresh food, which can lead to food poisoning and other health problems.
Hygiene in the kitchen can also be greatly improved with the implementation of Haccp procedures and washing and disinfection stations .

Dishes and your dining room

The cleanliness and hygiene of the dishes is a fundamental point, but the maintenance of the restaurant room as well as the general atmosphere linked to the choice of disposable paper napkins and disposable paper tablecloth .
The implementation of maintenance methods adapted to Haccp through a cleaning trolley and floor and surface washing systems guaranteeing perfect hygiene.

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A professional dishwasher is made up of several essential elements that work together to ensure effective cleaning of dishes. Here are the main components of a professional dishwasher:
1. The tub: This is the main compartment of the dishwasher where the wash cycle takes place. The tank is equipped with washing arms that project water at high pressure to remove food residue.
2. The filtration system: The professional dishwasher is equipped with a filtration system which retains food particles and prevents them from being redeposited on the dishes during the wash cycle. It is important to clean the filtration system regularly to maintain optimal performance.
3. The water tank: The professional dishwasher is connected to a water tank which provides the water necessary for the wash cycle. It is important to ensure that the water tank is always filled to avoid any problems with the operation of the dishwasher.
4. Wash arms: The wash arms are responsible for distributing water during the wash cycle. It is important to ensure that the wash arms are clean and in good working order to ensure effective cleaning of dishes.
5. Racks: Racks are supports specially designed to hold dishes in place during the wash cycle. It is important to load dishes correctly into the racks to avoid any risk of breakage or scratches.
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