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Information note on professional workwear


The garment is designed in accordance with the essential health and safety requirements laid down in Directive 89/686 / EEC notified in Legislative Decree no. 475/92, and the successive evolutions, in such a way as to comply with UNI EN ISO 13688: 2013, which governs work clothes.
The garment is designed in such a way that, under the intended conditions of use, it can offer adequate protection to the user and can be classified according to the second category Directive 89/686 / EEC and according to the product standard. through the services that result from the tests to which the prototypes were submitted.
These requirements are presented by a pictogram and its related indexes, they determine the requirements described by the standards to which the PPE conforms.


- The user must determine, by assessing the potential risks, the need to adapt the garment to other devices of body protection equipment.
- The performance of the garment is guaranteed if the correct size is chosen, and if it is worn and closed correctly.
- If the garment appears damaged or if a visual defect should be detected, suspend its use and replace it with a suitable garment.
- The Information Note must be kept for the duration of use of the PPE.
- No modification of the PPE is foreseen.

Limitations of use - the garment does not protect from:

- risk of clipping of movable inserts;
- risk of chemical projections (acids, solvents, etc.);
- risk of mechanical aggression (cutting, drilling, etc.);
- thermal hazards;
- risks of passing and extinguishing flames;
- risks of poor visibility;
- any other risk for which the garment is not certified.


The label (which measures 5.5 x 10.8 cm) bearing the CE mark will be integrated inside the garment. The writing, characters and pictograms are red on a black background, resistant to recommended cleaning cycles.
The dimensions of the characters are greater than 2 mm and the dimensions of the CE marking greater than 5 mm. The specific size of the garment will be on a separate label.
Are indicated:
1. manufacturer's logo;
2. the pictogram and the size table, indicating the standard category to which the clothing belongs;
3. the CE marking and the category of PPE;
4. the manufacturer's address.

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