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Kitchen safety shoe

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Safety shoe in the kitchen

The peculiarities of the kitchen and agri-food industry environments require adapted footwear and personal protective equipment.
Indeed, several problems are to be taken into account.

Work in wet zone

In the kitchen or food industry, compliance with the standards of cleaning and disinfection very often requires the presence of a central cleaning and disinfection station.
As a result, soils and surfaces are often washed and disinfected with large amounts of water and so agents are forced to move on wet surfaces.
It is therefore imperative to have a safety shoe adherent and whose sole meets the standards of resistance to slip adapted.
The tightness of the shoe is also very important to work in good conditions with dry feet.
In this context the shoe even if it is often preferred by some agents because of its practicality has a significant disadvantage in terms of foot insulation moisture with the risk of product projection.
In any case, the kitchen moccasin remains an optimal protection knowing that if the environment is very wet, the kitchen safety boot may be necessary.

The protection of the feet in the kitchen

A kitchen is often stainless steel furniture, with legs and angles sometimes salient sources of possible injury. Again, the choice of a shoe very practical in itself, a moccasin or a boot will not offer the same security in terms of protection including the heel.
In the context of the use of a shoe, the bridle dot goal is to keep the feet to a minimum, is often folded on the front of the feet to facilitate donning and heaving, causing an additional risk of torsion and / or loss of sabo t during use.
For these reasons, the moccasin or boot offer increased safety with protection , comfort and a much higher maintenance.


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