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What is a high visibility and functional garment:

Professional high-visibility clothing is clothing designed to make the wearer more visible in low light or dark environments . It is often used by workers in risky situations such as public works, road construction, logistics, railways... to be spotted more easily by vehicle drivers, machinery and other people present in the work environment. .
High visibility clothing is often designed with bright, reflective colors of yellow or orange to maximize visibility. They must of course meet standards.

High visibility signaling clothing for professional use UNI EN 20471:

Requirements and test methods:
UNI EN 20471: this standard specifies the requirements for high visibility clothing so that all people working in low light conditions, both day and night, are always visible. The fluorescent fabric guarantees high visibility in daylight, while the retro-reflective strips offer high visibility at night. Clothing is divided into 3 classes, where class 3 represents the most fluorescent clothing.
Wearing two class 2 garments at the same time (e.g. pants + jacket) is equivalent to class 3 clothing.
We use a 3M™ 8910 reflective tape compliant with class 2 for retro-reflective materials for the realization of the clothes of the U-Power collection.
x = surface class of the retroreflective background material (see Table 1, class 1 to 3)
y = class of the retroreflective material (class 1 to 2)

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