Disinfectant soap

Soap, disinfectant gel which solution?

Disinfectant soap which distribution to choose?

The range of disinfectant soap and alcohol-based disinfectant gel is currently very broad with several major manufacturers on the market in order to respond to the problems of virus transmission.
Before any choice of antiseptic soap or alcohol gel, it is the solution of the distribution system that must be determined first.
You can opt for a soap or gel dispenser system refill (cartridge) or direct refill (bulk).
The dispenser with refill has the advantage of being completely hygienic, of being able to replace the refill quickly and cleanly, of avoiding refill errors. It also allows better control of consumption through a distributor that is more economical in consumption. The downside is being captive because the distributor only accepts the refill brand for which it was developed.
The direct fill dispenser (bulk) has the advantage of being economical (price per liter) and not being captive to a particular brand or system. On the other hand, there are still drawbacks such as improved hygiene which requires regular cleaning, a risk of product confusion, and more tedious reloading with disinfectant or hydroalcoholic gel.

Simple washing, disinfection, aseptic, hypoallergenic ... which soap to choose?

Once the distribution system has been chosen, it is necessary to define what is the need in terms of effective hand hygiene.
A simple washing operation must be distinguished from washing including disinfection or even disinfection with a hydroalcoholic solution or gel .
A simple washing may be perfectly suitable for current use in less sensitive environments (tertiary environment) and will suffice to reduce the risk of manual contamination.
Washing with a disinfectant formula will be recommended for health professions, catering and professions and / or personnel in repeated contact with the public. This type of soap then has an antimicrobial, bactericidal and antiseptic activity, the standards of which are specified in each product. As soon as a soap is disinfectant, it comes within the scope of Biocid legislation and must therefore be used with care.

Liquid, foam, solution or gel what's the difference?

Soap and disinfectant gel can come in different forms. Once the distribution system has been chosen, you must choose to which type of texture the soap or gel will be distributed.
There are liquid formulas in gel form, liquid in solution form and foam.
Soap in liquid or cream form is most commonly used for hand washing. The price per liter is often a decision argument in cases.
The disinfectant soap or hydroalcoholic solution distributed in the form of a foam has several advantages. First of all, it is a product saving of up to 35% . Water savings of up to 45%. The user using less product is himself exposed to less skin or allergen risks.

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