Sanitary maintenance

Sanitary maintenance: essential hygiene!

The sanitary area, a place of all dangers!

Sanitary areas, along with the kitchen, are the most important places in terms of the proliferation of contamination. This is the direct consequence of the proximity and intimacy of these places with users.
Sanitary hygiene is a crucial aspect in the community and in the professional world, and it takes on even greater importance when it comes to maintaining a healthy environment. Whether in healthcare facilities, schools, offices or public spaces, compliance with hygiene standards is essential to prevent the spread of disease and ensure general well-being. This is where professional sanitary cleaning and disinfection products play a revolutionary role in sanitary maintenance.

Understanding the different professional cleaning products

There is a wide range of professional cleaning and disinfection products dedicated to sanitary maintenance, each with its own specific characteristics and benefits. Some of the most commonly used products include disinfectants, toilet cleaners, descalers, sanitary brooms and sanitary mops. Each of these products has a specific role to play in maintaining cleanliness and hygiene.
One of the most important areas of sanitary maintenance is the cleaning and disinfection of toilets . Professional toilet cleaning products offer many advantages over consumer products. They are more powerful and more effective in removing stubborn stains. They have a broader spectrum of disinfection on bacteria and viruses and have more powerful actions on unpleasant odors. Certain specificities linked to configurations that we only come across in the collective world, such as urinals, require specific solutions such as urinal grilles.
The product alone will not be enough to address the problem and the implementation of a protocol including bacteriostatic cloths rather thansponges , toilet seat cleaner dispensers, etc. are all essential professional solutions.

Role of disinfection in preventing the spread of germs

Disinfection plays a vital role in preventing the spread of germs and disease. Professional disinfectant cleaning products are designed to effectively kill bacteria, viruses and germs, reducing the risk of infections. It is important to choose cleaning products that are specifically formulated for disinfection, ensuring that they meet safety and effectiveness standards.
Beyond disinfection, the provision of hygiene-enhancing products and systems for users is crucial. The provision ofsoap and hydroalcoholic gel dispensers, disposable hand towel dispensers rather than electric hand dryers , toilet paper dispensers guaranteeing continuity of service, etc. are all preamble to coherent health hygiene. . In the same way, the provision of sanitary bins in sufficient volume and number will avoid anarchic waste collection.

Professional sanitary accessories that reinforce sanitary hygiene

As we have seen previously, only products which remain a necessary condition for mastery of hygiene are not sufficient . The maintenance method for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces while respecting usual rules such as going from the least soiled surface to the most soiled. To “compartmentalize” the areas with color codes for cloths or microfibers by, for example, dissociating the toilet bowl from water point type surfaces. The use of a mop or a tank broom with a washing trolley allows you to manage your disinfection and cleaning protocol.

Role of descalers in preventing scale formation in toilets

Scale buildup in toilets is a common problem, and it can be difficult to get rid of with regular cleaning products. That's where professional descalers come in. These products are specially formulated to dissolve scale and mineral deposits, leaving toilets clean and shiny. Regular use of professional descalers can help prevent scale formation, thereby extending the life of the toilet and maintaining optimal hygiene.

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