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Flat mop


Depending on a flat wash system

The function of a conventional fringe flat cleaning system is soil washing.
There are different types of supports and associated fringe patterns.

The different types of media and associated fringe

There are 3 types of media which are:

- Support for collapsible pedal tabs fringe

This support is commonly called Speedy
This support is the most used because it allows to never touch the fringe with hands being cleaned. It is used as part of a trolley equipped generally a press jaw.

- Support for collapsible pedal fringe pockets

This type of support unlike the "Speedy" does not allow a mechanical spin of the fringe. Its objective is rather to change the fringe once it is full on a given surface (eg, change of fringe passing from one room to another). It can be a manual spin, but this is not the most hygienic solution.

- Support for collapsible pedal fringe Pressure

In this case, the strip is no longer maintained on the support by the tongues clipped into the ends of the support, but attached to each end by pressure.
This system even allows a mechanical spin as "Speedy" is less used because the fringes are more expensive. This is a system that is not widespread.

- Fringes

For foldable holders and pockets, fringes are mostly "mixed" tab pocket and can be cotton or microfiber (see fringe microfiber floor ).
For pressure support there is only one pressure fringe pattern.

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Acheter Mop with flat flaps and pockets 40 cm

Mop with flat flaps and pockets 40 cm

2,95 € HT
Ref: 602594

Tongue and tab pocket for foldable 602526 clips, Speedy type or pocket holder, part number 602527. ...

Neutre 106 In stock
Acheter Washing sponge mop refill soil 12

Washing sponge mop refill soil 12

43,60 € HT
Ref: 52R

Recharge broom sponge floor washer per pack of 12. Recharge dimensions: 245x105x35 mm. Synthet...

Brosserie Thomas 5 In stock
Acheter Foldable support clip fringe tongue-Speedy 40 cm

Foldable support clip fringe tongue-Speedy 40 cm

14,25 € HT
Ref: 602526

Speedy foldable support for 40 cm tongue bangs with magnetic closure. Adjustable handle in aluminum...

Neutre 50 In stock
Acheter Pliable pressure washing

Pliable pressure washing

22,65 € HT
Ref: 602541

El Paroll foldable stand for pressure fringes. Adjustable handle in aluminum 1,40 m or 1,50m. ...

Neutre 33 In stock
Acheter Pliable pocket wash 40 x 10,5 cm

Pliable pocket wash 40 x 10,5 cm

18,25 € HT
Ref: 602527

Foldable fringe holder with snap closure. Dimensions: 40 x 10,5 cm. Weight of the support 460 grams. Adj...

Neutre 28 In stock
Acheter washing fringe El Paroll pressure was 45 cm

washing fringe El Paroll pressure was 45 cm

12,20 € HT
Ref: 602689

El Paroll pressure washer for El Paroll pressure folding support. Width 45 cm. Width 10 cm. 40...

Neutre 22 In stock
Acheter Support frame duo swep more vileda

Support frame duo swep more vileda

29,29 € HT
Ref: 137879

Support swep duo plus vileda frame. This support is made of plastic and very light. Support for the...

Vileda 13 In stock
Acheter Support fringe ultraspeed micropspeed more Vileda

Support fringe ultraspeed micropspeed more Vileda

16,41 € HT
Ref: 147593

Support fringe ultraspeed micropspeed more than 40cm. This segment of medium suitable for reference...

Vileda 12 In stock
Acheter Mop handle with spin

Mop handle with spin

14,20 € HT
Ref: 52

Professional sponge brush with handle spin. Brush height 150 cm. width 25 cm. Sliding handle on the hand...

Brosserie Thomas 10 In stock

Focus on

Swep system

For cleaning floors with pre-impregnation method, the method remains the most Swep
complete and innovative solutions on the market.
Swep The concept was developed in Scandinavia, which has long is still ahead in terms of innovation and hygiene.
The Swep method is a concept of clean in a single pass.
The dust is only necessary if the dust
visible to the naked eye. The result: clean and dry soils quickly with saving time and money. The mops Swep the system are available in two forms: Swep Swep Single and Duo.


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