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1Choose a trolley carriage household cleaning materials (chrome, stainless steel, Rilsan) Composition of household trolley

A cleaning trolley is the essential tool for a complete hygiene solution

The choice of cleaning trolley

Choice of material household trolley

The most economical housekeeping carts are cleaning carts polypropylene or chrome.
Rilsan is the most used in the household trucks material to be subject to heavy use.

Chariot de ménage

cleaning trolley chrome steel

It is the original material of the cleaning cart / wash. The structure is composed of tubes ranging from 1.2 to 1.5 mm in thickness according to the manufacturers with a nickel varying from 15 to 30 microns.
Chrome steel carts are now an economical and reliable solution for all maintenance needs (excluding medical community).

Rilsan steel trolley

This is the reference material today, one that represents the best value. The structure is made of 1.5 mm thick tubes with rilsanisation ranging from 100 microns for the most economic models to 200 microns for the higher-end models. This treatment is done by immersion.
Rilsan is an antifouling coating, easy to clean and corrosion. It also has the advantage of eliminating the risk of allergic reactions that causes some people contact chromium and nickel.

Chariot plastic household

The plastic is mainly based on modern trucks. Rilsan ally, it forms a rugged, lightweight, and flexible. Structure of high density polypropylene to provide maximum resistance to shocks. There are also all-plastic trolleys, boasting a full fairing and a careful presentation, dedicated to high-traffic locations.

Trolley stainless household

This is the most noble material, the more resistant. It is a must in the middle and in risk areas where hygiene control is essential. It is important in this case to check the thickness of the tubes and the quality of stainless steel AISI 304 knowing that is excellence in quality. The stainless steel trolleys are fully decontaminated. Regular maintenance gives them a considerable lifetime. Their structure is resistant to alkalis and acids, and fully supports the modern disinfectants and high temperature fluctuations.

Composition of the cleaning trolley

How to compose the truck?

The composition of your household truck must think in terms of different elements:
- Space household carriage alone, mostly for storage, moving (elevator, hallway ...)
- Cleaning Method used: foldable support, microfiber fringe has changed every wash, spin and release ...
Choosing this method will depend on the number of soil bucket (usually two bucket with a capacity of 13 or 17 liters, red blue) has put on the cleaning trolley and the presence of a release or not.
The choice of press cleaning trolley is also important. The press can be of many types. The most common presses the press has called "jaws" which as its name suggests works as a vice when spinning of the fringe. The second model is the press rolls consisting of two rollers between which the opposition fringe will roll and spin. The press jaw is the most common because it can wring the major part of the fringes (mop, microfiber has tabs ...) market.
- Waste collection truck with the household or not. Whether it will provide a trash bag holder.
- Cleaning of high surfaces: the method used will result the number of bucket surfaces (usually capacity 6 liters) was set up on housekeeping cart. This number generally varies from 2 to 4 and their colors can be related to areas or colors of cloth.
- A cleaning trolley may include a door or baskets Product
- Fixed clips broom and trash bag clips must also be part of the final configuration of your household trolley

The main household type truck are:

- The truck household not having one or two floor bucket with or without press.
This type of household trolley is often used through simple washing operation.
- Housekeeping trolley comporant two buckets soil, a bag holder, two surface bucket and a basket door product.
This type of household trolley allows retrieve waste, implement a soil washing solution with or without press, a surface wash solution.

To go to the cleaning trolley range for washing, you can visit this link.

A board composed your cart household. Listing on a major implementation carriage household. Contact us at the number AZUR.

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