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Household trolley press

How to choose your press ?

Household press models:

The most popular model is the classic jaw press, which will fit most trolleys on the market and will also fit almost all flat wash systems.
This press allows in particular to wring a system with fringe faubert.
You will also be able to spin your folding broom with "speedy" tongue fringe.
This press is a so-called "flat" press. The pressing of the fringe is therefore done by plating the fringe as between the flat plates as in a vise.
The other model of flatbed press is the lateral press which generally fits on compact carts type bibac or compact household trolley

The roller press:
The other press family is the roller trolley press, in this case the fringe is dewatered by its "pull" between the two rollers which act as a "laminate" for the fringe.
This press is used mainly for fringe systems and support type El paroll and pressure fringe.
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Taski Reducer

9,16 € HT
Ref: 7506810

Reducer for Taski household trolley ref: D7524195

Taski 25 In stock

Ultraspeed Pro Vileda Press

42,35 € HT
Ref: 147595

The UltraSpeed ??Pro press is the next logical step in the UltraSpeed ??press. The UltraSpeed ??Pro pres…

Vileda 12 In stock

Jaw press household trolley

28,05 € HT
Ref: 604000

Jaw press adaptable on cleaning trolley and cleaning trolley. A press ideally designed to effectively wr…

Neutre 8 In stock

Reducer bottom jaw Press

8,50 € HT
Ref: 502083

Reducer to put at the bottom of the press jaw 604000.

Neutre 7 In stock

Side house trolley press

27,60 € HT
Ref: 6025013

Trolley press with lateral press system. Adaptable to all cart models with press support. Standard on B…

Neutre 6 In stock

Press Vileda trolley voleo standard pro

40,00 € HT
Ref: 508097

Press Vileda trolley voleo pro standard. Press pail ref: 508242

Vileda 6 In stock

El Paroll roller press with metal axis

88,10 € HT
Ref: 6025011

El Paroll Roll Press Standard for Trolley. Roller spinner for El Paroll pressure washing system Metal s…

Neutre 4 In stock

Numatic universal press gray flow center

115,35 € HT
Ref: 909858

Numatic universal press gray with short handle 3500 mm. Press with center drain. Replaces Reference 6293…

Numatic 4 In stock

Vertical press with lever Vileda

62,85 € HT
Ref: 516521

Vertical press with Vileda lever. The Vileda vertical wringer achieves optimal dewatering while guarantee…

Vileda 4 In stock

Numatic washing kit SRK16

98,88 € HT
Ref: 910442

Washing kit for Numatic household Eco-Matic washing trolley. Adaptable on Eco-matic 3 and Eco-matic 5 tr…

Numatic 3 In stock

Numatic reflo universal press

83,74 € HT
Ref: 910809

Gray Numatic universal press with short handle 3500 mm. Press with forward flow. Replaces blue press refe…

Numatic 2 In stock

Numatic washing kit SGA2

120,90 € HT
Ref: 904195

Washing kit for Numatic household washing cart model SGA2. Suitable for SCG1405 / SCG1415 / SCG1705 / SC…

Numatic 1 In stock

Numatic washing kit SGA4

121,79 € HT 89,00 € HT
Ref: 903604

Washing kit for Numatic household washing trolley model SGA4. Suitable for SCG1415 / SCG1705 / SCG1706 /…

Numatic 1 In stock

El Paroll Roll Press Standard

53,05 € HT
Ref: 6025012

El Paroll Roll Press Standard for Trolley. Spin roller for pressure washing system. Plastic press: Rein…

Neutre 12 on supply

Numatic universal press gray rear drain

115,39 € HT
Ref: 906368

Numatic universal press gray with short handle 3500 mm. Press with backflow.

Numatic 1 on supply

Numatic washing kit SGA13

251,68 € HT
Ref: 906227

Washing kit for Numatic household washing trolley model SGA13. Suitable for SCG1805 AT / SCG1806 AT / SC…


Numatic washing kit SGA7

171,69 € HT
Ref: 906221

Numatic washing kit SGA7. Suitable for SCG1805 AT trolley, SCG1806 AT trolley and SCG1807 AT trolley. - …


Numatic washing kit SGA12

227,58 € HT
Ref: 906226

Numatic washing kit SGA12 including two impregnation buckets. Adaptable on SCG1805 AT trolley, SCG1806 AT…


Numatic washing kit SGA6

259,67 € HT
Ref: 904216

Washing kit for Numatic household washing trolley model SGA6. Suitable for SCG1415 / SCG1705 / SCG1706 /…

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