Cartridge soap dispenser

Cartridge soap, hygiene and economy

Cartridge soap dispenser

Hygiene is the cartridge

The primary function of a soap dispenser is to guarantee hand hygiene and therefore must itself offer a product free from any contamination.
The advantage of this type of dispenser is that the device only serves as a “receptacle” for a soap cartridge which is hermetically closed. As a result, the cartridge and therefore the soap cannot undergo any external contamination or pollution. Each cartridge being thrown away once empty, hygiene is therefore guaranteed.

Liquid or foam

The type of soap can be of two types. The most common and cheapest to purchase is soap in the form of liquid, cream or lotion and the product distributed will therefore be in liquid or creamy cream form.
It can also be in foam form
In this case the soap is in liquid form in the cartridge but is distributed in foam form. It is the dispenser and the soap that must be designed in this way. The main advantage of foam is the cost of use. In fact, the number of doses for equal volume can be multiplied by 4 to 6...the price per liter of the cartridge in this case no longer means much.

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Rubbermaid flex black soap dispenser 1300ml

15,50 € HT 9,45 € HT
Ref: 3486592

Rubbermaid flex soap dispenser for 1000 ml and 1300 ml cartridges. The Rubbermaid flex system soap dispe…

Rubbermaid 380 In stock

Rubbermaid flex white soap dispenser 1300ml

15,50 € HT 9,45 € HT
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Rubbermaid flex soap dispenser for 1000 ml and 1300 ml cartridge. The Rubbermaid flex system soap dispens…

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Soap Dispenser Tork Elevation black S1

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Soap dispenser Tork Elevation S1 black. Tork System Dispenser S1 System Maxi Liquid Soaps, Liquid soaps. …

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Deb Proline wave 1L soap dispenser

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This soap dispenser is suitable for bathrooms in businesses or public establishments. Deb Proline WAVE so…

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Soap dispenser Deb Cleanse Antibac 1000 foam and lotion

30,87 € HT 18,75 € HT

Unique range of 1L devices for sealed product cartridges, meeting the different needs of each workplace a…

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Tork S4 black foam soap dispenser

25,25 € HT
Ref: 561508

Tork foam soap dispensers are suitable for all types of sanitary facilities. Very large capacity: 2500 do…

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Tork S4 white foam soap dispenser

25,25 € HT
Ref: 561500

Tork foam soap dispensers are suitable for all types of sanitary facilities. Very large capacity: 2500 do…

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Soap Dispenser Deb Cleanse Biocote Wsahroom 1000 - 1L

30,87 € HT 18,75 € HT

Hand shower and sanitary dispenser: A unique range of 1L, 2L and 4L appliances, for sealed product cartri…

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Deb Soapy soap child soap dispenser

30,87 € HT 18,75 € HT

Fun soap dispenser for children and more particularly in schools. How to make washing and disinfecting ho…

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Soap dispenser Deb shower space 1L

30,87 € HT 18,75 € HT
Ref: PRO00P

Deb Stoko Refresh Washroom 1000 Translucent Black and Chrome Plated. Hand shower and sanitary dispenser:…

DEB 73 In stock

Key for Proline dispenser

1,00 € HT
Ref: 14001

Key for Proline 1 liter soap dispenser. Ref: WHB1LDS and ref: PRO00ST

DEB 49 In stock

Instantgel hydroalcoholic gel dispenser 1L

30,87 € HT 18,75 € HT

Dispenser for Instantgel complete hydro-alcoholic gel cartridge. Unique range of 1L devices for sealed pr…

DEB 41 In stock

Soap dispenser Soft Care Line Diversey

22,10 € HT
Ref: 7514295

Soft Care Line Diversey gel soap dispenser. Dispenser suitable for hydroalcoholic gel lotion cartridges r…

Diversey 39 In stock

Key for Deb 2 and 4 liter dispenser

1,00 € HT
Ref: 14024

Key for Deb 2 and 4 liter dispenser. 2 liter dispenser Ref: LGT2LDPSTH ref: HVY2LDB ref: ULT2LDPSTH ref: …

DEB 37 In stock

Foam soap dispenser cartridge

22,15 € HT 15,90 € HT
Ref: 844764

The foam soap dispenser cartridge is specially designed for foam soap. The use of foam minimizes consump…

Voussert 33 In stock

Soap dispenser with cartridge promo pack

49,60 € HT 24,80 € HT
Ref: KIT888649

This promotional pack includes a cartridge dispenser and a box of 4 Ecocert certified Ecological foam soa…

Voussert 33 In stock

Deb Proline white soap dispenser 1L

30,87 € HT 18,75 € HT

Hand shower and sanitary dispenser: A unique range of 1L, 2L and 4L appliances, for sealed product cartri…

DEB 32 In stock

Rubbermaid flex white soap dispenser 500 ml

15,50 € HT
Ref: 3486589

Rubbermaid flex soap dispenser for 500 ml cartridge. The Rubbermaid flex system soap dispenser accepts 5…

Rubbermaid 30 In stock

Soap dispenser design Deb white chrome

30,87 € HT 18,75 € HT

Deb soap dispenser is stylish and elegant for any Deb 1 liter soap cartridge. This distributor will bring…

DEB 28 In stock

Deb quick view foam soap dispenser 1L

33,75 € HT 20,60 € HT

Dispenser for foam soap, lotion and gel cartridge. Quick-view transparent white dispenser. Unique range o…

DEB 26 In stock

Focus on

The wise choice of cartridge soap dispenser

Cleanliness and hand hygiene are essential in many environments, whether in healthcare settings, restaurants, schools or offices. The cartridge soap dispenser is therefore essential equipment to guarantee effective and safe disinfection. With its multiple advantages in terms of practicality, economy and reliability, this liquid or foaming soap distribution system is increasingly appealing to professionals keen to maintain impeccable hygiene standards. Let's explore together the different options offered by cartridge soap dispensers and discover the essential criteria to take into account to make the wisest choice.

The cartridge soap dispenser: A hygienic and practical solution

The cartridge soap dispenser differs from traditional models by its airtight refill system. Instead of having to manually refill the tank, the user simply inserts a new cartridge of liquid or foam soap to put the device back into service. This innovative design has many advantages.
Impeccable hygiene: Thanks to the sealed cartridge, the soap is protected from any external contamination, thus reducing the risk of spreading germs. This system also prevents spills and runoff, thereby maintaining a clean and healthy environment.
Simplified use: Replacing the cartridge is done in a jiffy, without having to worry about dosing or cleaning the tank. This greatly facilitates regular maintenance, a significant advantage in establishments with high traffic.
Product savings: Unlike traditional dispensers where the user may be tempted to press several times, cartridge models deliver a precise dose of soap with each use. This significantly reduces waste and associated costs.

The different types of cartridge soap dispensers

Manufacturers of hygiene products offer a wide range of cartridge soap dispensers, each with their own characteristics. Here are the main variations:
The cartridge liquid soap dispenser: This model accommodates classic liquid soap cartridges, offering an economical and versatile solution. Ideal for environments requiring regular hand washing, such as professional kitchens or bathrooms.
The cartridge foam soap dispenser: Particularly appreciated for its foaming appearance and its pleasant texture, this type of dispenser delivers a creamy foam for gentle cleaning. It is ideal for medical or paramedical environments.
The hydroalcoholic gel cartridge dispenser: Responding to increased hygiene needs, certain models can accommodate disinfectant gel cartridges. They thus allow rapid and effective disinfection of the hands, without requiring water.
The automatic cartridge dispenser: Combining practicality and hygiene, these dispensers deliver soap or gel without contact, limiting the spread of germs. They are particularly suitable for busy places such as hospitals or schools.

Leading Cartridge Soap Dispenser Manufacturers

In the hygiene equipment market, several brands have specialized in the design of high-end cartridge soap dispensers. Here is an overview of the main players:
Tork: Tork, a subsidiary of the Essity group, is one of the world leaders in the manufacturing of professional hygiene solutions. Its cartridge soap dispensers are distinguished by their sleek design and reliability.
Deb Sc Johnson: Deb Sc Johnson is a company known for its skin hygiene products, including its foam soap and hydroalcoholic gel cartridges.
Gojo: Gojo, a historic brand in the hygiene industry, offers a complete range of cartridge soap dispensers suitable for all environments.
Anios: Specialist in cleaning and disinfection products, Anios has developed a range of cartridge soap dispensers meeting the requirements of the medical and paramedical sectors.
Rubbermaid: Rubbermaid, an American company known for its professional cleaning solutions, has also invested in the design of sturdy and functional cartridge soap dispensers.
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