Toilet seat cleaner

Hygiene simply

Simplicity of use

The toilet seat cleaner gives users increased comfort and enhanced hygiene safety.
The transmission of viruses is important on all contact surfaces and what about the toilet seat which is THE highest risk area especially when it is widely used such as in airports, train stations, Society, communities, restaurants, Hotels. ..).
The health zone is by nature the most important source of cross-contamination and this is logical because it impacts very pathogenic contact zones. Therefore, cleaning must be associated with structured disinfection and the provision of all tools to users to reassure them and limit the risks of contamination .
Disinfection of surfaces in washrooms can be done using adisinfectant cleaning product or a surface disinfectant or disinfectant wipes provided.
The alternative of setting up a cleaning system available to the user to secure their hygiene.
Providing asoap and disposable hand towel dispenser is a necessity, but now offering a “barrier” solution at the toilet seat and toilet seat is becoming obvious.

Using the seat cleaner dispenser

Simply press the dispenser once to dispense cleaner onto a piece of toilet paper and clean the toilet seat so it is more hygienic.
The formulation of Tork toilet seat cleaner has been studied to meet the EN1040 standard.
• Perfect for reassuring visitors and guaranteeing them maximum comfort
• Cleans the toilet seat and dries quickly, dermatologically tested
• Limited antibacterial action, certified EN 1040
• Helps neutralize odors
The JVD Cleanset system, which is an alternative, has the advantage of being able to be used in a bulk distributor and therefore reducing costs.
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Rubbermaid white toilet seat and handle cleaner dispenser

29,70 € HT 19,90 € HT
Ref: 1853850

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Cleansing chair cleaner 1L

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JVD toilet seat cleaner dispenser 450ml cleanseat

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Ref: 844131

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Toilet seat cleaner and handle 12x400ml Rubbermaid

59,15 € HT
Ref: RVU3817

The toilet seat cleaner improves hygiene standards while providing an additional level of comfort. The cl…

Rubbermaid 2 In stock

Tork toilet seat cleaner 8x475 ml

98,10 € HT
Ref: 420302

Tork Premium Toilet Toilet Seat Cleaner gives users added comfort. Simply press the dispenser once to dis…

Tork 2 In stock

Deb Dispenser Toilet Seat Cleaner 1L

30,87 € HT 18,75 € HT

Deb 1L toilet seat cleaner dispenser. Toilet seat disinfectant. Gel refill 1 liter can. Dimensions: heigh…

DEB 15 on supply

Toilet seat cleaner and handle pack Rubbermaid

40,35 € HT
Ref: 2127387

The starter pack for toilet seat and door handle contains a Rubbermaid Spray dispenser and two cleaning r…

Rubbermaid OBSOLETE

Soap for toilet seat Rubbermaid flex package 5X500 ml

34,95 € HT
Ref: 1884002

Rubbermaid Flex soap is a cartridge soap for cleaning toilet seats adaptable in Rubbermaid Flex system di…

Rubbermaid OBSOLETE
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