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Many establishments open to the public are sometimes satisfied with the minimum of sanitary equipment.
But this is without counting on the capital importance that the reception in the toilets can have on the idea and the opinion that the customers or visitors will have of your establishment.
We have all had this reaction in certain establishments by assimilating the state of the toilets and its equipment to the philosophy of the establishment itself.
A good addition or alternative to setting up a disposable seat cover solution is a toilet seat cleaner dispenser . A toilet seat dispensing system uses an alcohol-based disinfectant that will provide additional safety at a high-risk area.

Seat covers for enhanced hygiene

Setting up a seat cover dispenser remains a modest investment and you will quickly realize that even in consumables it is an inexpensive service .
Paradoxically, the main thing is to offer it and its use will remain without much impact on your health budget and without any measure with that of toilet paper, soap and consumable hand towels or disinfectant soap.
So do not hesitate any longer, equip yourself with a seat cover distributor which will be a big step for your image with regard to a minimal investment.

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Neat Seat stainless steel seat cover dispenser

122,90 € HT 111,00 € HT
Ref: 998901

Distributor of toilet seat protectors, single use. Effective barrier against bacteria and dirt. The prote…

Neutre 22 In stock

White toilet seat cover Neat Seat

62,15 € HT
Ref: 998900

Distributor of disposable toilet seat protectors. Effective barrier against bacteria and dirt. The protec…

Neutre 20 In stock

Rossignol paper toilet seat cover 200

10,16 € HT
Ref: 99701

Refill of 200 Rossignol seat covers, biodegradable paper with tongue for automatic water evacuation. Pac…

Rossignol 17 In stock

Tork refill pack 250 seat covers

26,10 € HT
Ref: 750160

Tork seat covers recharging 250 pieces. Suitable for Tork 344 080. The system Seat Cover Tork (V1) gives…

Tork 15 In stock

Distributor seat covers

51,85 € HT
Ref: 54420

Distributor for seat covers. Plastic, compact, wall mount, lock key lock. Consumable adaptable reference:…

Rossignol 8 In stock

Tork Dispenser seat covers

64,15 € HT
Ref: 344080

Distributor protective seat covers SCA Tork. The system Seat Cover Tork (V1) gives an extra touch to your…

Tork 6 In stock

Refill toilet seat covers Neat Seat Steiner

7,30 € HT
Ref: 061001

Refill toilet seat cover for Neat Seat Steiner; refill of 125 biodegradable sheets. 100% pure long fiber …

Neutre 60 on supply

Dispenser seat covers stainless steel polished

56,29 € HT
Ref: 105050

Distributor sachets feminine protection. This dispenser is in brilliant stainless steel. AISI 304 steel.…

Medial international AVAILABLE 12 DAYS

Brushed stainless steel seat cover

56,29 € HT
Ref: 105052

Distributor sachets protection feminine. Brushed stainless steel. AISI 304 steel. Brushed finish. Secur…

Medial international AVAILABLE 12 DAYS
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