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Parquet protection

How to easily protect your parquet?

Parquet protection which options?

Protecting your floor can be done with heavy methods such as a parquet vitrification that certainly produce a result without equal but involves a know-how and significant involvement.
Indeed, a vitrification done in the rules of art will first go through a preparation phase with sanding in one or more phases, then the cleaning dusting of the parquet to leave on a perfectly clean surface.
Then comes the laying of a primer or primer and finally the installation of the parquet floor .
All these operations are usually done by a professional because it requires or beyond the know-how, a material especially for sanding that is difficult to access a neophyte.

Wax parquet emulsion the simple solution

Given these elements, if you want to restore brilliance and brightness to your floor or sustainably maintain your floor, there are products based on high-performance resin, beeswax that can address this problem.
In this case the implementation is much simpler than a vitrification.
The use of an emulsion-based wax is done by having previously cleaned and dusted your floor. The installation must be done on a clean parquet (not stained or haloed) and dedusting ( with a trapeze broom preferably and impregnated gauze ).
The laying can be done on rough wood but it will be necessary in this case more layer due to the porosity of the wood or on already vitrified soil, varnish or encaustic. In this case your floor will regain brilliance and you will restore protection for its daily maintenance.
For the method of installation, it remains accessible.
Pour a little emulsion on the ground.
• Spread in a thin and even layer in parallel strips, following the same direction.
• Use a window cleaner in 35 cm or a mop, a flat mop or a mop.
Using a window moistener will give you a more consistent look.
• Allow to dry for 30 minutes.
• For better strength, apply a second emulsion layer in parallel strips, crossing the first layer.
The consumption is variable according to the porosity of the soil of course but the average is to count 5L for 150 to 200 m2 per layer.

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Acheter Carolin parquet wax emulsion 5 L

Carolin parquet wax emulsion 5 L

46,90 € HT
Ref: 480040

Carolin wax parquet emulsion tints and protects your parquet. Emulsion of parquet wax and resin for...

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Spado Blindor protective wax parquet 1L

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Acheter Spado floor wax Blindor 5 L

Spado floor wax Blindor 5 L

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Spado's Blindor glossy protective emulsion protects and polishes floors, embellishes and maintains g...

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Acheter Taski Jontec Lenio F5b wax parquet Diversey 5L

Taski Jontec Lenio F5b wax parquet Diversey 5L

43,42 € HT
Ref: 7513202

Taski Jontec Lenio is a wax in aqueous solution for flooring or vitrified unglazed. Without solvent. Mai...

Taski 5 In stock

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