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How to choose an insect killer?

What is an insect killer?

An insect killer is a device or substance designed to kill or destroy unwanted insects such as mosquito flies, hornets, wasps...etc.
They can be used in domestic, agricultural, or industrial settings to control insect pest populations. In the professional environment, it is widely used and even imposed by veterinary services in the food industry and catering trade , agro-food preparation plant, butchery and food businesses, for example.
Insect killers can be pheromone traps, light traps, insecticidal sprays , insecticidal granules , etc.
The most common in the workplace are insect killers with electrified grids. The insect is attracted by UV light at a precise wavelength and then electrocutes itself in the grilles of the devices. It is then collected in a "drawer". Glue plates can complete the device in order to avoid projections, particularly in food environments.

IP protection index electric insect killer

This is an international standard for sealing.
The products offer 4 different protection indices:
- SPF 20:
Protects the device against solid bodies greater than 12 mm and no protection against liquid bodies.
- SPF 21:
Protects the device against solid bodies greater than 12 mm and against vertical drops of water.
- IP54:
Protects the device against dust and splashing water from all directions.
- IP 65:
Completely protects the device against dust and jets of water from all directions with a lance (22.5 mm nozzle,
12.5 l/min).

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Zoom on the standards of electric insect killers

Electric insect killers are subject to electrical safety standards to ensure their safe use.
The most commonly used standards for electric insect killers are the CE (Conformité Européenne) standard and the UL (Underwriters Laboratories) standard.
The CE standard ensures that the product complies with European safety, environmental protection and consumer protection regulations.
The UL standard is an American electrical safety standard that ensures that electrical products are safe for the user and the environment.
Electric insect killers must also comply with local standards and the electrical codes in force in the country where they are used.
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