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Hotelier is first and foremost to receive customers coming to spend a moment of relaxation in complete serenity in your establishment. The equipment of your hotel is a big part of the image of the establishment due to the quality of the equipment chosen, their ease of use and their efficiency.
All this must of course remain in line with the budgetary constraints of your hotel and the level of service offered.
Among our partners, JVD, which has been a benchmark in hotel equipment throughout the world for 30 years, now offers with Voussert a range at the service of the well-being of your customers.
In fashion as in the hotel industry, what makes the difference is the accessory. We adapt each room to give it its personal character through innovative, elegant and useful accessories.
the hotel room is a place to rest , to prepare for the day. All the accessories offered such as safes, minibars , hair dryers, mirrors, luggage racks are all accessories allowing the guest to make the place their own.
The range of minibars will bring you a real gain in terms of customer well-being thanks to the new thermo-absorption technology making the minibar completely silent . This choice is as much a choice of well-being as of eco-responsibility by significantly reducing electricity consumption.
The hair dryer line will not leave you indifferent with easy handling, a feeling of robustness and a soft grip. The range of colors and different designs will allow you to fully integrate whatever your constraints.

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JVD the French Touch

JVD is the French manufacturer with 35 years of experience in hospitality and hygiene.
From their conception, JVD products are designed to minimize their impact on the planet . From packaging to electricity consumption, every detail is studied to protect the environment.
Responsible design
Consumption of paper and energy reduced to a minimum, fewer components and a minimum of watts necessary for their operation, our products are designed and produced in an eco-responsible manner.
JVD has created its own Design department for more than 10 years. Our teams design products that embody the French Touch state of mind.
Managed internally by our R&D center, the design of each of our products is carried out in an ongoing process of seeking innovative solutions. Elegance, design and ergonomics are the key words of a successful product.

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    Since 1981,
    Voussert has been a trusted partner of public institutions, hygiene professionals and all organisations in need of professional cleaning & hygiene solutions. Voussert guarantees commercial transparency and competitive prices on the leading national brands.

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    Find cleaning products, cleaning equipment, ladders, swimming pool products and garden furniture in bulk for Local Government, Hygiene professionals, Cleaning Companies, Hospitals, Retirement Homes, Middle schools, Town halls, Syndicate of co-ownership, agri-food industries.

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