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Cleaners for tile or floor tile, thanks to their specific composition (oil-based product linen or bright residues) allow in a single operation to clean your floors, feed them and brighten colors.

manual operation

.Diluer The product between 1 and 4%. Wash the soil with your mop mop and let dry.

autolaveuse use

Check the aveuse autol symbol is present on the product container.
Dilute between 1 and 4% in the reservoir of self laveuse.Appliquer the solution onto the floor.
If your soil is very dirty, go first without sucking the product, leave a few minutes and then iron the car washer by activating the suction mode.

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Carolin floor cleaning professional flax oil 5 L

16,10 € HT
Ref: 401000

Carolin with linseed oil is a liquid soap whose concentrated formula cleanses and sanitizes soils in dept…

Solipro 132 In stock

Solvent-detergent and soil surfaces NSS 5L

30,70 € HT
Ref: EXEO012

NSS by EXEOL is a specific detergent for the maintenance of porcelain stoneware and plastic floors in col…

Exeol 20 In stock

Spado maintenance tiles and floors plastic 1l

10,30 € HT
Ref: 823030

Spado maintains tiled floors and plastic floors Spado cleans, protects and revives tiles, plastic floors …

Spado 19 In stock

Taski jontec ceramica F4n natural stone tile 5L

38,74 € HT 30,90 € HT
Ref: 7512673

Taski jontec Ceramica F4n is a neutral detergent specially formulated for cleaning ceramic and enamelled …

Taski 17 In stock

Spado cleaner ground black soap with linseed oil 1kg

4,75 € HT
Ref: 01571601

Soft black soap is ideal for deep cleaning, beautifying and nourishing all floors. It is ideal for porous…

Spado 13 In stock

Jex professional maintenance of terracotta tiles 5 L

17,35 € HT
Ref: 4046

Jex professional tiles and floor tiles Cleans and protects against stains. Enriched with linseed oil soa…

Jex professionnel 13 In stock

Soft soap professional 5 kg bucket

26,80 € HT
Ref: 896110

Soft black soap 40% professional 5 kg bucket. Maintains, nourishes and shines tiles. Makes metals shine. …

Proven orapi 8 In stock

Spado linseed oil soap 1l

7,30 € HT
Ref: 015704

Spado linseed oil soap cleans and maintains all floors: terracotta, slate, marble, rough and glazed tiles…

Spado 8 In stock

Spado degreaser 1l pavers and slabs

8,30 € HT
Ref: 82104801

Spado cleaner degreaser pavers and slabs is specially designed for pavers and outdoor slabs. It allows t…

Spado 5 In stock

Antistatic floor cleaner Taski jontec destat F9b 5L

62,85 € HT
Ref: 7513121

Taski jontec destat is a floor cleaner specially designed by Diversey to reduce the residual effect of el…


Cleaner Durasol extra shine 5L

26,60 € HT
Ref: 211353

Durasols Extra Shine Cleaner has a revolutionary formula based on shiny residues that meets the needs of …

Cleaner durasols AVAILABLE 2 WEEKS.
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