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Boom elbow adapter

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Unger HiFlo adapter
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Adapter for unger accessories

6,15 € HT
Ref: 12104LW

Lewi Boom Adapter for Unger Accessories. Aluminum adapter. The Lewi aluminum adapter is useful when you…

Lewi 19 In stock

Unger Nlite multilink adapter

6,58 € HT

Nlite multilink adapter. Robust plastic adapter that provides the thread for screwing a brush. Simply pus…

Unger 18 In stock

Unger boom mop connection

6,91 € HT
Ref: BE000

The broom fitting fits on Unger poles. With 1/2 "screw thread suitable for broom The adapter is inserted …

Unger 16 In stock

Cone safety pole Unger Ergotec

6,57 € HT
Ref: NCAN0

Cone safety pole Unger Ergotec. Suitable perch Unger Ergotec.

Unger 15 In stock

Unger pole screw adapter

18,29 € HT

Adapter for screw-on accessories with standard screw thread. Adaptable on Unger type Teleplus or Optiloc…

Unger 14 In stock

Cone universal telescopic pole

3,40 € HT
Ref: 12024LW

The universal cone makes it easy to change tools quickly. The universal cone allows to pose or aim tools …

Lewi 12 In stock

Hiflo Unger MultiLink adapter

6,78 € HT

Plastic adapter. Working angle always correct. Solid. Easy.

Unger 11 In stock

NLite Unger water flow regulator

39,40 € HT

Water flow regulator. nLite Unger accessory. Compatible references: DLS25, DLS50

Unger 11 In stock

Angular adapter S Unger nLite 15cm

22,47 € HT
Ref: NGS15

Angular adapter Unger nLite kit S. The angular adapter will allow you to easily reach hard-to-reach areas…

Unger 10 In stock

Angular adapter L Unger nLite 82cm

84,65 € HT
Ref: NGS45

Angular adapter Unger nLite kit L, 82cm. The angular adapter will allow you to easily reach hard-to-reach…

Unger 10 In stock

Unger Hiflo safety cone adapter

7,67 € HT

Convenient adapter for connecting traditional cleaning tools from the Unger range to nLite poles. securel…

Unger 9 In stock

Toolholders Unger

16,13 € HT
Ref: PBR00

Tool holders for Unger telescopic poles. Optimal for example paint rollers, scrapers, and other tools wit…

Unger 9 In stock

Articulated elbow Unger telescopic pole

12,01 € HT
Ref: CJN00

Articulated elbow plastic Unger telescopic pole. A snap directly into the pole.

Unger 8 In stock

Angular adapter M Unger nLite 42cm

67,62 € HT
Ref: NGS30

Angular adapter Unger nLite kit M, 42cm. The angular adapter will allow you to easily reach hard-to-reach…

Unger 7 In stock

NLite 5mm adapter connection

6,59 € HT

5mm nLite adapter connection

Unger 7 In stock

8mm nLite adapter fitting

12,82 € HT
Ref: 20473

8mm nLite adapter fitting

Unger 7 In stock

Articulated elbow for telescopic boom

7,35 € HT
Ref: 12022LW

The articulated elbow for telescopic boom is perfect for hard to reach places. Lightweight seal easily ad…

Lewi 7 In stock

Angle adapter Unger Nlite 150cm

92,68 € HT
Ref: NLG15

Angular adapter Unger Nlite 150cm hybrid fiberglass and carbon fiber. Assembly: Remove the clamps from th…

Unger 7 In stock

NLite Unger extension adapter

55,31 € HT

NLite extension adapter. Length 40cm. Compatible references: CC16T, CC32T, CC60T, CC85T, CC85C, CF60T, CF…

Unger 7 In stock

Adapter for screwing a classic Unger tool

8,93 € HT

The adapter allows you to screw in a classic Unger tool. Plastic adapter, thread to screw a brush or tool…

Unger 7 In stock
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