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In the world of laundromats and professional cleaning, the choice of professional laundry detergent is crucial to guarantee cleanliness and efficiency that meets the highest standards. Manufacturers like Diversey offer a wide range of specialist products, from liquid and powder detergents to tablets, each designed to meet the specific needs of professionals. In addition, with growing awareness of the environment, Ecolabel certified products stand out for their lower ecological impact, making them preferred choices for eco-responsible companies.

How to understand the technicality of professional laundry detergents, exploring not only the different types available but also the criteria to consider for their selection. Whether you're looking for a bright white solution, eco-friendly options, or tips for tackling tough stains, you'll discover valuable recommendations that will help you make the right choice for your laundromat or business.

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Types of professional laundry detergent

In the field of professional cleaning, there are several types of detergents, each adapted to specific needs. Here is an overview of the main options available on the market.
Washing powder: Washing powder is particularly suitable for white laundry thanks to its chemical whitening agents. It should be poured into the detergent drawer using a measuring cup. However, due to its low solubility, it can leave traces on clothing.
Liquid detergent: Ideal for delicate and colorful clothes, liquid detergent dissolves better than powder and leaves no residue. However, it has less cleaning power than washing powder.
Washing capsules: The capsules provide an automatic dose of detergent and fabric softener. They are placed directly in the drum with the laundry. Although convenient, they are generally more expensive than other types of detergents.
Special Options: Voussert offers a varied range including detergents for black and dark, delicate textiles, or with antibacterial properties. These products are formulated to meet specific needs, such as preserving colors or eliminating bacteria without the use of bleach.
Ecological Detergents: More and more ecological detergents are appearing on the market, offering a more environmentally friendly alternative. These products limit or exclude allergenic colorings, preservatives and fragrances, using ingredients of plant origin and are often certified by ECOCERT or the European Ecolabel.
Each type of laundry detergent has its advantages and disadvantages, and the choice will depend on the specific needs of the laundromat or professional cleaning company.

Choosing your professional laundry detergent

When selecting a professional laundry detergent, several parameters must be taken into account to ensure effectiveness while respecting the environment and textiles.
Effectiveness on Difficult Stains
Powder detergent is recognized for its ability to treat stubborn and organic stains thanks to its natural whitening and anti-limescale agents. It is particularly effective in maintaining the brightness of textiles and foams little, which reduces the quantity of water needed for rinsing.
Rapid dissolution and elimination of fats
Liquid laundry detergents, without bleaching agents, are formulated with additives, perfumes, preservatives and colorings. They have high wetting and emulsifying properties,
dissolve quickly and facilitate the elimination of fats during rinsing.
Professional laundry additives
It is advisable to use additives that improve the action of the detergent. These additives make it unnecessary to add additional detergent, thus optimizing washing efficiency without excess product consumption. Additives include stain removers, wetting products, bleaching products, etc.

Use and dosage of detergent

Dosing detergent correctly is essential for effective cleaning, saving money and protecting the environment. It is important to always read product instructions for recommended dosages and adjust dosage based on load size, water hardness and soil level of laundry.
The effectiveness of laundry detergents can be affected by the hardness of the water used when washing.
Here's how to measure and adjust for water hardness:
Fresh water: less than 75 mg/L of calcium carbonate. Moderately hard water: between 75 and 150 mg/L.
Hard water: between 150 and 300 mg/L.
Very hard water: more than 300 mg/L.
Impact of overdose
Overdosing on detergent can lead to residue buildup, skin irritation, and harm the environment. Dosing correctly is crucial to avoid these problems, as it does not guarantee better cleaning and can leave residue on clothes and in the machine.
Adaptation of the dosage according to the machine load
It is essential to adapt the detergent dosage according to the load of the washing machine. The necessary information can often be found in the technical data of the machine. This not only ensures effective cleaning but also more economical and environmentally friendly use of detergent.
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