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1Microfiber how to compare? Decitex a microfibre what is it?

Microfiber what is it?

Given the development of microfiber in recent years, it is important to have a technical approach to the microfiber really compare what is comparable and especially choosing the right microfiber ( microfibre cloth or fringe) to obtain a result consistent with the need pitch.
The microfiber is characterized by its diameter, the nature of the fiber, the structure of the fiber.

Diameter of microfiber:

Microfiber is a fiber whose title is less than 1 decitex. Decitex is the value in grams of 10,000 m of yarn.
And a microfibre fabric is 10 kms when wire weigh less than 1 gram. Thus the larger the diameter of the wire is smaller the microfiber is effective. The decitex number of the microfiber is therefore an important parameter in the performance of the microfiber cloth or fringe.
To give an idea of ??fiber diameters it is useful to make a comparison with respect to different fiber we know.
Thus a hair to a diameter of 60 microns. 5.5 decitex polyester to a diameter of 33 microns. The wool fiber to a diameter of 20 microns. Cashmere 16 microns, 12 microns silk, polyamide 1.2 decitex 11.4 microns, polyester 1 decitex 9.6 microns, 0.5 decitex polyester 5.5 microns and finally 0.1 decitex polyester 2 4 microns. This means that between a hair and a microfiber of 0.5 decitex there is a relationship of the thickness 30.

Nature of microfiber:

Microfiber is made from synthetic fibers. The most widely used fibers are polyamide and polyester.
Each of these fiber characteristics:
- Polyester is hydrophobic and therefore does not absorb water, but is against lipophilic and therefore absorbs liquid fats.
- The polyamide is hydrophilic and thus absorbs water and lipophilic.

How does a microfiber?

Mechanical strength:
The fineness of the filament microfiber allows it to pass in all surface irregularities.
Its tapered ends give it a significant force uprooting foreign body.
Mechanical strength:
It is the force used by the trees for food. The particles (grease, dust, crumbs) are trapped in the network formed by the dense intertwined microfilaments.
Electrostatic Force:
The microfiber synthetic fibers (such as polyester or polyamide) is positively charged by friction to dry naturally attract negatively charged organic dust. This property is very useful in applications of dust.

What are the benefits of microfiber for the user?

It takes to understand this point have already understood the circle Sinner summarizes the cleaning action in four distinct settings. Namely: the chemical action (water and detergent), temperature, mechanical action and action (action rubbing or brushing) time. Microfiber increases the mechanical action and thus reduce the time spent and also the amount of detergent (including lower product consumption). The perfect cutting is therefore the use of a microfiber and a disinfectant cleaner.

The mechanical efficiency of the microfiber optimizes the following points:
- Reduced number of passes required to clean a surface => PRODUCTIVITY
- Reduction of chemicals and inhalation of VOC => SAFETY
- Weight fringes => ERGONOMICS
- Reduction of particulate contamination of ambient air => Security
- Reduced drying time surfaces and fall hazards => PRODUCTIVITY and SECURITY

Microfiber therefore has several advantages:
- Visual Cleanliness
- Resistance
- Effectiveness of disinfection
- Security
- Economy
- Sustainable Development

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