Personal protection, safety above all!

Kitchen safety shoe

The hoof in the kitchen pay attention to the protection!

Hoof safety kitchen standard SRC mandatory!

The kitchen and agri-food shoe is rather dedicated to women because of its practical side. Nevertheless a kitchen shoe must be adherent, hold the feet with a flange and above all respect the standards of protection in force.
It is for this reason that all the kitchen hooves that we have selected have the SRC grip standard which is the maximum standard on the sliding of safety shoes.

Attention to the use of the hoof

In the context of the use of a shoe, the strap whose objective is to keep the feet at a minimum, is often folded on the front of the feet to facilitate the boot and heaving, causing an additional risk of torsion and / or loss of the hoof during use.
It is therefore important to properly position the bridle on the back of the feet and that it is well adjusted to ensure the maintenance of the feet.
To do the opposite would be to work in "Tong" in cooking ...
The hoof is certainly more freedom and the feeling of no longer having the feet locked up but so that its role of security can exist it is necessary to at least use it in the conditions for which it is planned.
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Surge SB-EA-FO Mixed Kitchen Safety Shoe

34,75 € HT
Ref: UW60041

Surge SB-EA-FO kitchen safety shoe is a low shoe type safety shoe. This kitchen safety shoe is suitable …

Upower 32 In stock

Mixed safety shoe Super black SB-EA-FO-SRC

34,93 € HT
Ref: UW60061

Safety clog mixed man woman kitchen and food industry Upower Super black. Characteristics of the stem: M…

Upower 25 In stock

Breeze SB-EA-FO SRC Women's Kitchen Shoe

34,90 € HT
Ref: UW60011

Safety shoe for women use kitchen and food industry. Upower Breeze Model SB-EA-FO SRC. The Lucky microfib…

Upower 18 In stock

Sinergy SB-EA-FO SRC kitchen safety shoe

35,55 € HT
Ref: UW60021

Upower women's kitchen safety shoe Sinergy model. Characteristics of the stem: Microfiber Lucky 1.8 / 2.…

Upower 8 In stock

Security clog mixed kitchen Redlion moon SB SRC

58,57 € HT
Ref: RL20301

Upower moon SB-EA-FO kitchen safety shoe. Redlion range. Redlion technology and Infinerdy by BASF will ac…

Upower 8 In stock

Heel kitchen shoe heel Mamy SB-EA-FO SRC

69,60 € HT 28,90 € HT
Ref: LL60152

Upower Mamy SB-EA-FO SRC is a flagship model for users whose position involves prolonged standing. This …

Upower 2 In stock
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