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Choosing the right hair dryer

Hairdryer an obligation in a 4-star hotel and above:

Compulsory for 4-star hotels and above, it is becoming increasingly essential in all hotels. According to a study by the Committee for the Modernization of the French Hotel Industry (CMHF), hair dryers are favored by more than 2/3 of the customers questioned. It is the bathroom accessory that customers complain the most about.
The CMHF further notes that: “Customers, and especially female customers, are fond of it. This saves them having to take their own, which is necessarily cumbersome on a trip. Many hotel guests complain about hair dryers, finding them often cheap, dirty and underpowered. »
The choice of the range of hair dryers is therefore also your image.

Hotel constraints

A hotel hair dryer is not subject to the same constraints as a consumer appliance.
Apart from the strict standards to be respected, the hair dryer is sometimes faced with unwanted uses (theft, drying of clothes, shoes, etc.). It must therefore be designed to limit these uses (eg: JVD light touch handle, timer, anti-theft device, etc.).
It must also fit in with style in the bathroom through a dedicated support that also makes it possible to offer shaver sockets suitable for an international clientele.
The installation of a hair dryer in hotels that welcome the public must be carried out by a professional.

How to choose your hair dryer for your hotel?

The power criterion is an important parameter in relation to drying efficiency .
Contrary to popular belief, choosing a hair dryer is not just a matter of power. Some appliances, by design, offer superior drying quality at moderate temperatures. Thus, in addition to protecting sensitive hair through a reasoned use of speed and heat , these devices are much less energy-intensive and therefore less expensive. Solutions to modulate the speed and heat of the hair dryer.
Hotel hair dryers must be powerful enough to dry hair in a short time without posing a risk to the user. Most models have a power of 1200 to 1875 watts.
Hotel hair dryers must be sturdy and durable to withstand frequent use and rough handling open to the public. Models with a metal or hard plastic case are often the most durable.
The most common models are theclassic stand-up hair dryer models or those with frontal support .
A hair dryer must be equipped with safety devices to avoid accidents. Make sure they have features such as automatic shutoffs to prevent overheating, surge protectors, and safety features to prevent children from inserting objects into electrical outlets.
The use must be simple and implicit because left available to the public in the hotel setting and this for right-handed or left-handed users. Models with simple, easy-to-understand push-button controls are often the most convenient.
Hotel hair dryers should be affordable while offering good quality. It's important to strike a balance between quality and cost to get a product that fits your budget.

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Hair dryer with ionizing system

Some hair dryers offer an ionizing system. The ions generated by these hair dryers neutralize the static electricity that appears on the hair during drying.
The system with a lower temperature greatly improves the drying speed.

Power, not necessarily the right answer!

Contrary to popular belief, choosing a hair dryer is not just a matter of power. If the power is a good indicator, some devices by their design allow to have a superior drying quality despite a lower power and therefore a lower consumption.
In addition, not all hair lends itself to very hot and powerful drying. It is therefore important to offer its customers solutions to modulate the speed and heat of the hair dryer.

Volume 2 or Volume 3?

In order to protect your guests from the risk of electrocution, the NFC15100 standard defines the distance between electrical appliances and the main water point (bathtub or shower). Only hair dryers with hoses can be installed nearby (volume 2). Other devices will need to be installed in Volume 3.

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