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Material trash bag

A trash bag can be made of several different materials:

A garbage bag is usually made from low density polyethylene.
This type of material is used for garbage bags of more than 50 liters for puncture resistance reasons.

These trash bags are often used to carry heavy loads as foodstuffs or sharp and piercing objects.

Another material used in the manufacture of trash bags is the high density polyethylene (HD).
The difference in a garbage bag in high density polyethylene (HD) and low density polyethylene (BD) is the resistance to the load.
Indeed HD garbage bag with almost half thickness of a trash bag BD will offer the same load capacity.
As against the puncture resistance of the trash bag (box of canned sharp object ...) will be better on BD garbage bag.

It is therefore essential to know before choosing a garbage bag what the type of waste that will have to bear the trash bag.

If they are heavy waste (or light) but not contending (eg paper, office waste ...) then we can move towards a garbage bag model in HD.
By cons, if the trash bag faces are contending objects (tin can, metal, glass ... etc) it would be crucial to move towards trash bags BD.

For small garbage bags litrages (lower 50 liters) and in the context of the use of these trash bags is mainly dedicated to office or small trash bins, the most used material is then the HD polyethylene.

There are also trash bags called "coextruded" which have the characteristic of having two layers.
This has the effect of equivalent thickness trash bag to increase the strength of the garbage bag.

As part of the development of biodegradable materials, we begin to see appear in bin bags 100% biodegradable 's basic potato starch or corn starch.
These trash bags have the distinction of being totally gradation to light in 5 weeks. (See biodegradable range on this site). Their costs are still above the polyethylene trash bags but the production volume increases, prices should fall under has.

Manufacturing garbage bag

It is from granules which are mixed and heated we get the raw material per se. The quality of the granule is crucial and it is what will give the good quality of the bag. A mixture with too much material "recycled" or poor quality can lead to catastrophic results in the sheath. This is also commonly visible in transparency in the texture of the bag which thereby is irregular. The addition of a dye makes it possible to obtain different colors trash bag after use.

The sheath for the extrusion is made from an inflation and cooling operation. Extrusion is a specialized technical in its development that requires several years of experience in order to play on optimal thicknesses. The technique of co-extrusion of the garbage bag in which the film that will compose the trash bag is composed of several layers supperposées to each other. The layers are extruded simultaneously independently and then assembled in a tool called chain. Extrusion also applies to biodegradable resin used in forming bags biodegradables.Le comprises all steps required to transform the sleeve into the finished product: the making of bellows, printing / marking, passing link , welding and pre-cut, packaging in rolls and put in boxes.

Biodegradable trash bag

Biodegradable trash bags

The biodegradable trash bag, made from plant materials 100% biodegradable / compostable, can collect all types of waste to be composted (fermentable organic fraction of household waste, green waste) .The biodegradable trash bag has two types of closure: either by traditional plant link, or drawstring trash bag biodégradables.Le comes in several litrages according to its use (type 10 to 20 fermentable organic and type 50 to 110 for green waste fraction) .A wide area printing / marking enables communication of instructions for collection. The trash bag meets the standards OK Compost and VGS. Liners for bins biodegradable material are also provided.

The covers container

A range of waste bag that is important to detail is that of container liners. Call also cover container. These trash bags have the function of protecting wheeled waste containers (2 or 4 depending on the size) that we find in our cities and in our commercial areas. These covers are usually a thin because they are intended to protect and not to carry loads.

To choose your garbage bag range please contact one of our consultants on 0810 643 176. This one will tell you what is the right product for your use.

Find all the trash bag range and prices directly on this link.

Advice on choosing your trash bag. Call our advisors.

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