Toilet seat

Quiet and durable professional toilet seat

Toilet seat

A toilet seat must certainly be stylish, but in the professional environment it is above all its resistance and its discretion in terms of noise which will be preponderant. A toilet seat must be able to adapt to any type of toilet easily.
In the range of toilet seats, the choice must be made with regard to the traffic in your toilets. The higher the traffic, the more you will need to choose a robust model, particularly with regard to the material of the flap itself but also the hinge mechanism.
In case of heavy traffic, choose a resistant model made of unbreakable or high-quality, scratch-resistant thermoplastic or thermoset .
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Standard toilet seat

21,73 € HT 12,95 € HT
Ref: 51679

Standard toilet seat for communities and professionals. This toilet seat is excellent value for money if …

Rossignol 127 In stock

Antibacterial toilet flap Rossignol white thermoset

49,83 € HT 23,90 € HT
Ref: 51592

Rossignol white antibacterial toilet seat. Thermoset: high quality, scratch-resistant. Antibacterial trea…

Rossignol 126 In stock

Anti-bacterial silencer toilet seat

38,97 € HT
Ref: 51699

Quiet, unclippable and antibacterial toilet seat Duplex line. Thermoplastic toilet seat: unbreakable and …

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Rossignol white thermoset toilet seat

37,13 € HT
Ref: 51586

White Rossignol toilet seat. The Rossignol toilet seat meets hygiene requirements in public places. Therm…

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Silent toilet seat suave

44,71 € HT
Ref: 51591

Quiet, unclippable toilet seat, suave line. Very resistant toilet seat dedicated to community use in ther…

Rossignol OBSOLETE

Focus on

The mechanism of the toilet seat

The choice of material for the mechanism is also important. Stainless steel or plastic screws will make the difference in longevity. To avoid putting too much strain on the flap, the presence of one or a double "fall brake" will prevent it from breaking prematurely, beyond the noise caused by the flap slamming.

Guarantee the hygiene of the toilet seat

The sanitary area and particularly the toilet bowl is at least the most sensitive place in terms of contamination. Direct contact with the skin between the different users on the toilet seat itself, the flush mechanism, etc.
This therefore also requires in high traffic areas to opt for anti-bacterial materials and toilet seat cleaning systems and the provision of disinfectant wipes .
For easy maintenance, the choice of a lid that can be unclipped in one move for cleaning and disinfection with adisinfectant cleaning product or a surface disinfectant is ideal.
Cleaning is done with a suitable Chicopee type super cloth, preferably pink or red in color, which will unequivocally indicate that this cloth was used for cleaning the toilet seat and should not be used in the maintenance of other surfaces in order to avoid any cross contamination...

Fixing the toilet seat

A toilet seat must be able to adapt to any type of toilet easily.
Choosing an adjustable hinge can allow for easier assembly and adaptation.
Also check, in the context of cramped WC premises, the space you have available to close the door in view of the space taken up by the flap.
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