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Roll of toilet paper dispenser

The standard market

Dispenser toilet paper rolls small

This is the standard small rolls that are found in many communities when the use of health is individual and not collective.
Example: hotel, clinic or nursing home room but also individuals.
It is the reference in hotel industry and in this context the choice of quality installed in the rooms is directly related to the quality of service that wishes to grant settlement.
There are several quality of paper feed roll and some accept both the small rolls or small packets.
A variety of finishing with the ubiquitous stainless steel in sanitary share are design appearance.
Plastic models are more oriented towards functional use and easier maintenance.
There are now black models that bring a special touch to your health.

Compatible rollers

Most small rolls market fit into these standard multi distributors.
Note that these small rolls have less than 130 sheets in rolls for 180 public view more than 200 sheets of professional products.
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Toilet paper roll dispenser white metal

13,78 € HT 7,90 € HT
Ref: 899619

Toilet roll holder simple. Steel hood and chassis Easy to recharge and maintain. 2 mounting points (mo…

JVD 84 In stock

Toilet paper roll dispenser stainless steel satin JVD

14,13 € HT 7,90 € HT
Ref: 8996200

Toilet roll holder simple. Steel hood and chassis Easy to recharge and maintain. 2 mounting points (mo…

JVD 60 In stock

Toilet paper dispenser multi standard stainless axos

55,19 € HT
Ref: 58111

Toilet paper dispenser for roll package or brushed stainless steel. Large consumable control window: pre…

Rossignol 11 In stock

Toilet paper roll holder chrome brass

28,88 € HT
Ref: 51781

Zamak chrome brass and chrome brass toilet roll holder Fixing kit supplied Hidden fixing screws

Rossignol 10 In stock

Toilet paper dispenser epoxy steel rollers

14,23 € HT 11,45 € HT
Ref: 58101

Toilet paper holder white epoxy steel rollers.

Rossignol 8 In stock

Toilet paper roll dispenser chrome

33,92 € HT
Ref: 51717

Toilet paper roll dispenser. Distributor chrome. Length 165 mm. Width 127 mm Height 63 mm ...

Rossignol 8 In stock

Black manga toilet paper roll dispenser

14,23 € HT
Ref: 58102

Steel toilet paper dispenser for small rolls. Anti-UV powder coated steel dispenser. Accepts 1 household …

Rossignol 8 In stock

Dispenser toilet paper rolls a stella

14,23 € HT
Ref: 52653

Toilet paper dispenser steel powder coated for UV roll. Chuck plastic. Wall Mount 2 points. Dimension:…

Rossignol 7 In stock

Toilet paper dispenser for rolls ABS

10,52 € HT
Ref: 51780

ABS toilet paper dispenser for rolls. Dimension: 130 x 70 x 160 mm.

Rossignol 6 In stock

Brushed stainless steel toilet paper dispenser axos

21,63 € HT
Ref: 52103

Toilet paper holder for brushed stainless steel roll. Line Axos. Accepts 1 household type roll. Stainle…

Rossignol 5 In stock

Toilet paper dispenser for rolls or two packets

20,64 € HT 16,20 € HT
Ref: 58114

Steel toilet paper dispenser for roll or two packs. Anti-UV powder coated steel. Accepts 1 household ty…

Rossignol 3 In stock

Joint toilet paper dispenser satin stainless steel

48,22 € HT
Ref: 899622

Toilet paper dispenser in satin stainless steel. Vandal resistant steel hood and chassis Easy to refill,…

JVD 2 In stock

Toilet paper dispenser multi standard basic white

20,64 € HT 18,55 € HT
Ref: 58110

Toilet paper dispenser for pack or roll in white epoxy powder coated steel inside and outside. Large con…

Rossignol 7 on supply
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