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Compact toilet paper dispenser

Economy and autonomy

Lotus inventor of the compact

There are several types of compact toilet paper dispensers.
The oldest was the one developed by Lotus under the name Lotus compact. It was a first revolution because it proposed an innovative system making it possible to reduce costs (storage, transport in particular) and also to extend autonomy and therefore limit interventions and breakdowns.
Lotus has developed a concept where the toilet paper rolls no longer have a mandrel but are "hooked" on a plastic axis integrated into the dispenser, thus reducing waste since 100% of the roll is used.

Tork and the T6 system

Lotus professional division is now an integral part of the Tork SCA group.
The Lotus compact range therefore remains present and enriches the system developed by SCA "T6 system".
The Tork Twin T6 Mid-size Toilet Roll Dispenser from the Elevation range is ideal for medium to high traffic washrooms with a high priority on customer satisfaction. It ensures high efficiency and that visitors never run out of paper, containing up to six times more paper than two traditional toilet rolls.
Elevation dispensers have a modern and functional design that leaves a lasting impression on your customers.
Automatic roll replacement for easy access to the new roll empty cores remain inside the dispenser: no waste on the floor compact dispenser to save space

Compact dispenser Tork System T7

The T7 Mid Size dispenser has been revamped with the Elevation design, we have improved:
Elevation Design = Tork lock with certified "easy to use" key and unique key compatible with other distributors in the Elevation range
Improved shank = Easier reloading / new, stronger materials
Improved wedge = Mechanical blocking until the roll diameter is less than 4m = less waste
Improved cutting teeth = Safety in use / easier access thanks to a larger opening
Unwinding brake = more even distribution / avoids accidental unwinding / reduced braking at the end of the roll to minimize the cigar effect
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Toilet paper dispenser Tork Elevation T6 white

36,20 € HT
Ref: 557500

Toilet paper dispenser Tork Elevation T6 white. Unique and functional design. Puls out as it contains two…

Tork 13 In stock

Tork T7 compact black dispenser

30,85 € HT
Ref: 558048

Tork T7 Twin Dispenser is designed for Tork's Tandeless Roller Toilet Paper, which is ideal for low to me…

Tork 9 In stock

Toilet paper dispenser Tork Elevation T6 black

36,20 € HT
Ref: 557508

Tork toilet paper dispenser Elevation T6 black. unique and functional design. More break because contai…

Tork 7 In stock

Tork T7 compact white dispenser

30,85 € HT
Ref: 558040

Tork T7 Twin Dispenser is designed for Tork's Tandeless Roller Toilet Paper, which is ideal for low to me…

Tork 2 In stock
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Focus on

Tork T7 System Less frills, more paper

Help your teams to focus on your customers first -
Test the Tork system for coreless toilet paper
Whether you are responsible for a restaurant with table service, a university or a large administrative building,
you can count on Tork to help you and your teams focus on what matters most - your customers.
So, forget about traditional toilet paper in small rolls and give our Tork Coreless Toilet Paper System a try. Less hassle and happier customers.
Tork T7 Distributor
The new Tork Coreless Toilet Paper System is the end of the superfluous. Tork brings key benefits to its customers by offering them less: less packaging, less waste, no complicating bits or cores.
With less time needed to reload distributors and less risk of outages, your teams will have more time to focus on the essentials: improving the customer experience as much as possible.
Are you ready to have “less”?
Compact, our coreless toilet paper rolls last up to five times longer than small rolls
traditional. Your teams therefore spend less time checking that the dispensers contain enough
toilet paper for your customers.
Tork T7

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