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What is a smell destroyer?

Odor-destroying deodorants come in aerosol, spray or concentrated liquids.
These odor-destroying deodorants are designed to destroy the molecules contained in bad odors.

How to use an odor-destroying deodorizer?

For aerosols, spray for 5 seconds to the top of the room for an area of ??20 m2.
For sprays, spray the source of unpleasant odors directly. Attention to textiles check the color fastness beforehand. Operation to renew as soon as the bad smells come back.
For concentrated liquid add 1 to 3% of pure product in your washing water and with your usual detergent. It can also be used as a scrubber.
To use it as a spray, dilute 1 to 2% in 500 ml of water.
For carpets and rugs, put 2% of pure product in the carpet cleaner

The MOC concept

The OMC technology acts according to 2 principles:
- Creating an olfactory illusion
- Modification of the molecular structure of the bad smell.
No more just covering up the annoying smells! The scent is specially formulated to associate with the targeted bad smell. The result is a new, perfectly harmonious scent. The troublesome emanation is no longer detected by our senses; by changing its perception, we create a real olfactory illusion.
The Moc range offers 3 highly targeted products against tobacco odors, body odors and urine odors .
Moc Stikine is the ultra efficient solution to destroy the odors of cold tobacco. Target locations: smoking rooms, enclosed premises, hotel rooms, vehicle interiors.
Moc Hegoa is the ultra efficient solution for destroying body or animal odors. Target locations: meeting rooms, lobbies, living rooms, waiting rooms, cloakrooms, vehicle interiors ...
Moc Loo is the ultra efficient solution to destroy the smell of urine, vomiting and faeces in sanitary facilities such as toilets, urinals. Target locations: toilets, public urinals, parking lots ....
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Clean Odor Destroyer smell tobacco nectar anti sprayer 500 ml

8,75 € HT
Ref: POD0129

The Clean Odor odor eliminator neutralizes the most stubborn odors. Clean smell Long lasting Anti-Tobacco…

Propre odeur 68 In stock

Anti-odor tobacco Moc Stikine 250 ml

5,80 € HT
Ref: POD0283

Moc Stikine is the ultra efficient solution to destroy the odors of cold tobacco. Target places: smoking …

Propre odeur 62 In stock

Boldair destructive odorless 500 ml

8,20 € HT 7,40 € HT
Ref: 116155

Boldair fragrance-free odor destroyer absorbs, neutralizes and immediately destroys bad odors without mas…

Boldair 33 In stock

Air freshener deodorant Boldair odor destroyer 750 ml

10,70 € HT
Ref: 56070601

Boldair deodorant overpowering is dedicated to large spaces thanks to its high flow nozzle. A spray of o…

Boldair 31 In stock

Anti-body odor Moc Hegoa 250 ml

5,80 € HT
Ref: POD0281

Moc Hegoa is the ultra efficient solution for destroying body or animal odors. Target locations: meeting …

Propre odeur 28 In stock

Boldair destructive animals smell 500ml

8,20 € HT
Ref: 560737

Boldair destructive animals absorbs odor, immediately neutralizes and destroys odors without masking them…

Boldair 19 In stock

Nilium original destructive smell 1L

17,90 € HT
Ref: NIL4921O

Nilium original is a neutralizing destructor with a super concentrated odor. Nilium from JagPrima remains…

Neutre 4 In stock

Boldair textile odor eliminator 500ml

8,20 € HT
Ref: 560766

Boldair has been a leader in professional deodorization and perfume specialist for more than 20 years. Th…

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