Tork Reflex reel

Tork Reflex Coil M3 and M4

Tork Reflex, the professional answer

The quantity of central reeling reel sold in communities, catering, food industry ... etc is very important. Very often, there is little or no analysis of consumption, from actual cost to use behind the unit purchase cost.
The reel and Tork Reflex dispenser system allows you to control your consumption by reducing them up to 37%.

The benefits of Tork Reflex
Cost control => Reduction of paper consumption by 37% *.
Better hygiene => You touch only the paper you use.
Adapted to your working environment
Distribution of one hand.
Sustainable investment with a durable device.
No waste when reloading with the SmartCore® chuck.

Tork Reflex Distributors:
Design Performance
Side opening of the hood: the hood is removed to facilitate cleaning
Optional wall bracket
New colors: Turquoise / white and white / white
One key (same key as all other distributors in the Elevation range)
New rotating nozzle: 360 ° rotating
Removable hood: easier to clean
Easy Handling Packaging: E-Handle makes it easy to transport paper rolls for staff
Highly resistant ABS distrubutor
New turquoise Reflex Portable Dispenser

The Tork Reflex coil:
End of roll indicator: the user is warned before being broken
When the blue lines appear the user can use the roll again 4x (there is 3.4m blue line indicator)
When the roll is about to come to an end (1m = 1 use) it will be white again to emphasize the fact that it is time to reload the dispenser
A label is now stuck on each individual roll: makes it easy to identify the reference and the system
Easy Handling Packaging: E-Handle makes it easy to transport paper rolls for cleaning staff
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Central reeling coil Tork Reflex M3 package of 9

47,90 € HT
Ref: 473474

Tork Reflex M3 mini center reel mini Reflex spool. Contrary to traditional central reeling hand towel dis…

Tork 87 In stock

Tork Reflex M4 Reel package of 6

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Lotus Reflex Comet Hydrasoft Reel Package 6

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The Tork M4 reflex hand towel reel (Ex Lotus comet Reflex) is a central reeling hand towel reel with the …

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Tork distributor key

5,60 € HT
Ref: 200260

Tork dispenser key suitable for Tork dispensers with metal lock.

Tork 28 In stock

Tork Reflex M3 turquoise reel dispenser

36,70 € HT
Ref: 473167

The Tork® Reflex ™ Mini Sheetfeed Dispenser is an ideal solution for wiping hands and surfaces; With its …

Tork 14 In stock

Tork Reflex M4 turquoise dispenser

46,05 € HT
Ref: 473180

Dispenser Tork Reflex M4 system (formerly Lotus Reflex) for Tork Reflex hand towel reel system. The Tork®…

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Tork Reflex M3 Coil Dispenser White

44,20 € HT
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The Tork® Reflex ™ Mini Sheetfeed Dispenser is an ideal solution for wiping hands and surfaces; With its …

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Portable Tork Reflex Coil Dispenser

40,45 € HT
Ref: 473186

Tork ex Lotus Reflex coil is a portable model with its rechargeable dispenser. This system highlights mob…

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Distributor Tork Reflex M4 coil

45,90 € HT
Ref: 473190

Tork Reflex M4 system dispenser (ex Lotus Reflex) for Tork Reflex hand towel roll system. The Tork® Refle…

Tork 15 on supply

Mounting bracket for tork reflex distributor

86,85 € HT
Ref: 473102

The Tork Reflex wall mounting bracket allows easy attachment and removal of Tork Reflex dispensers to the…

Tork not Available
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Focus on

Optimize how your kitchen works with Tork Reflex

When you want to be more efficient in a kitchen, access to wiping and cleaning products is essential. Staff can work better as a team and be more responsive.
When hygiene solutions are not adapted, the consequences can be heavy for the staff and the general pace of cooking.
Access to wiping paper
Paper wiping solutions are important for kitchen employees in wiping and cleaning
surfaces and their hands. Stock outs and difficult-to-access dispensers waste time
valuable in useless gestures.
Risk of cross-contamination
Bad hygiene habits, such as the repeated use of the same cleaning cloth, contribute to the proliferation of bacteria in the kitchen.
Faster access to wiping paper makes a difference in the prevention of hygiene risks.
Consumption management and cost control
Kitchen budgets are limited and if wiping paper is essential, it remains a convenience product.
Controlled paper consumption and better waste management are needed.

The importance of fluid circulation in the kitchen and optimal hygiene

A restaurant kitchen can be a difficult environment. It is hot, there is noise, the work is exhausting and very demanding. In the end, it is essential to have a fluid circulation in the kitchen, not only to provide a smooth and regular service, but also for a question of efficiency.
The leader handles many problems on a daily basis:
• He must make sure that each member of his team is in his place , according to each step of the service.
• To be effective in cooking on a daily basis, it is essential for a chef to invest in quality hygiene solutions and place them in strategic locations.
• It must maintain a high level of hygiene , proof that work habits are assimilated and staff apply them without even realizing it.
As the # 1 brand of workplace hygiene, Tork® knows exactly what needs to be done to keep an organization efficient in the kitchen while respecting the hygiene standards in effect.
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